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Title: Ranger
Trained By: Rangers

The skill of Veterinary is the primary offset to Animal Taming.

The Veterinary skill gives you a greater understanding of the creature you are trying to tame. While it does not improve your chances to actually tame the creature, it will decrease your chances of angering the creature. The last thing you want to do is anger a dragon you are trying to tame. Long is the list of tamers who have become a piece of toast because they angered a dragon while trying to tame it.

The higher your Veterinary is, the faster your healing on your pets takes effect. For every 15 points of Veterinary, you will reduce your healing time by 1 second. This means 60 Veterinary will reduce your time by 4 seconds and at 100 skill you reduce the healing time by 6 seconds.

The Veterinary skill also allows you to determine a pet's hunger and determine what a monster's elemental damage/resistance bonuses. You will require 30 veterinary to assess what the creature has for elemental bonuses. It can be a bit vague but values fall under these categories:

  • 0% to 10%: slight
  • 11% to 30%: low
  • 31% to 60%: medium
  • 61% to 80%: high
  • 81% to 100%: master

There is a discrepancy with veterinary and healing: in some systems the actual healing skill is used and in some the vet skill is used.

Pet Breeding

For more information how to breed horses, check out our detailed Pet Breeding page.

Pet Bonding

As you take your pet with you hunting, they will also gain experience and virtue as both of you attack your quarry and thus you will develop a bond with your pet. Pet bonding is a skill that anyone can use but since Tamers and Rangers can have high veterinary, they develop a deeper bond with their pet. Once you have gained enough experience and virtue for your pet, you can spend it to increase their stats and fighting skills.

Use the Veterinary skill on your tamed pet. If it is not your pet, you will get some animal information. If it is your pet, you will get a menu detailing how much virtue and experience they have and what you can spend it on. If there is no button available to purchase the upgrade, you have reached the cap.

When you successfully tame your pet, part of your virtue and experience is transferred to your new pet. The amount transferred is based on your taming skill. Those with less than 80 taming skill will receive a 10% bonus while those with over 100 skill will receive a 30% bonus. Your pet will receive a minimum of 100 virtue up to 1000 virtue and a minimum of 2000 experience up to a maximum of 10000 experience.

Although everyone can bond with their pet, those with high veterinary skill get a reduction. For stats (strength, dexterity and intelligence): you require 100 virtue which will buy 20 points in that stat. The higher your veterinary skill, the lower the virtue required and the higher the points that can be bought. At 100 veterinary, the cost will be 50 virtue and you will receive 35 points. For skills (Anatomy, Magic Resistance, Parry, Tactics, Weapon skill): you require 2000 experience for a 5 skill points increase. At 100 veterinary, the cost will be lowered to 1000 experience for a 8 skill points increase. While looking at the menu, you are given a rough estimate how strong your pet is in a particular skill of low, fair, medium and high.

  • Raising strength enables your pet to have a higher amount of life and to gain additional damage for every 30 points of strength.
  • Raising intelligence helps your pet resist magic spells.
  • Raising dexterity increases your pet's evade chance from melee and ranged attacks.
  • Raising armor enables your pet to reduce damage taken.

There are caps to how much a pet can have their stats and skills raised. It is a sliding scale based on their base amount. Lower animals get approximately 300% bonus while higher level animals get 25% bonus.

If your pet dies, resurrecting them through spells or bandages will keep their stat and skill levels but they will lose all virtue and experience gained. If you stable your pet, you will lose any skill, virtue or experience gains (stats will stay).

Pet bonding does not work on mountable pets. If you mount your pet that you bought stats and skills, it will revert back to the default when you dismount.

Note on Pets Gaining Virtue and Experience

Your pet must attack the monster to gain virtue and experience. You cannot just take your pet hunting and have them sit while you do the fighting.

You cannot stable your pet or they will lose all their virtue and experience. Taking a pet out of the stable will reset their stats and skills to the default.