Treasures of Tokuno

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The Treasures of Tokuno is a quest where artifacts are found in the loot from the Black Bushido Clan located in the Field of Echoes on the island of Homare. These artifacts, known as minor artifacts, can be useable or just deco. If you collect enough of them, you can trade them in with Ihara Soko, the Imperial Minister of Trade located in Zento. It takes 10 minor artifacts to obtain a major artifacts. Major Artifacts are special deco, dye tubs and useable items.

All Treasures of Tokuno items are considered special items and require an Item Repair Kit to fix any damage to the item. They also cannot be imbued.

Minor Artifacts

Item Type Description
Ancient Farmer's Kasa helm +2 animal lore, +5 strength, +19 cold resist
Black Lotus Hood helm +15 cold resist
The Destroyer swordsmanship +10 fire/poison resist, +100 physical damage
Gloves of the Sun gloves +24 fire resist
Leurocian's Mempo of Fortune helm +10 fire/cold/poison resist, +15 energy/physical resist
Ancient Samurai Do chest armor +10 parry
Chest of Heirlooms container
Dragon Nunchaku macefighting +20 dex, 1000 fireball charges
Hanzo's Bow bow +150 physical damage, vampiric
Peasant's Bokuto fencing +135 physical damage
Pilfered Dancer Fans macefighting +120 physical damage
Ancient Urn deco
Daimyo's Helm helm +10 cold resist
Exiler macefighting +100 energy damage, demon slayer
Honorable Swords deco
Pigments of Tokuno dyes clothing dyes
Tome of Enlightenment spellbook +15 int
Arms of Tactical Excellence arms +10 tactics
Demon Forks fencing +135 physical damage
Legs of Stability leg armor +15 dex, +18 poison resist

Major Artifacts

Item Type Description
Darkened Sky swordsmanship +40 dex, lightning spell, +100 cold damage
Rune Beetle Carapace chest armor +14 cold/energy resist
The Horselord archery +20 dex, +150 physical damage, +125 luck, lizardman slayer
Kasa of the Raj-In helm +17 fire/poison/energy resist, +21 cold resist
Stormgrip gloves +8 int, +18 cold/energy resist
Tome of Lost Knowledge spellbook +15 int, +10 magery
Sword of the Stampede swordsmanship +160 cold damage
Wind's Edge macefighting +150 energy damage
Swords of Prosperity swordsmanship +100 fire damage, +200 luck
Pigments of Tokuno dyes clothing dyes