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Tickets and tokens are special items that you can find in the world, usually in monster loot, that will let you buy special items from the Ticket Collector. Ticket Collectors are found all over the world.

Buri Ticket

The esteemed Buri ticket can be found on some very difficult monsters: crystal dragons, dragon riders and mountain wolves. Trade them in for some very buri-colored items at his Boutique in Zarkesh.

Circus Ticket

These are given out when the circus comes to town and can only be spent while the festival is around. Check the Circus Ticket Collector for available prizes.

Crafting Certificate

Completing a bulk order deed will give you a 5% chance of obtaining one of these certificates for a job well done. They can be traded in for special items at The Crafting Center in Riverbend. The Center is located on the west side of the river along the northern bank.

Festival Ticket

These are won when the festival comes to town and can only be spent while the festival is around. Check the Festival Ticket Collector for available prizes.

Fish Ticket

Fish tickets are often found at Buccaneer's Den from the mysterious leaders who control the Den of thieves and pirates. Once you have found enough tickets, you may trade them in at The Pad located in Eastfall. Just find the First Bank of EastFall and head east over the bridge.

Flight Ticket

Find one of these and you can be sure those mischievous birds, Hugin and Munin, were behind it. Collect enough of these tickets and you can cash them in at the Birdhouse located near the Zarkesh teleporters.

Holiday Tickets and Tokens

Special holidays have their own tickets, such as Easter or Halloween. They are usually found in the special dungeon or area set up with monsters that drop the ticket. The Ticket Collector that accepts these tickets stay only until the holiday is over. The Christmas Ticket Collector is usually located near the beginning of the Christmas area. Other Ticket Collectors are usually found near the Folkvang bank.

Ice Diamond

Ice diamonds are a favorite of Lady Skadi and are often found in her loot bags given out for completing her events.

Munin Ticket

The Munin ticket is a special ticket issued by Munin himself. You can cash them for various prizes at the Birdhouse in Zarkesh.

Nature Token

These are special tokens given out by the Great Bear himself during raids, quests or placed in special monsters around the lands. There are no particular monsters that it will constantly drop. You can trade them in at the secret Bear Cave located at Vaenn Dalr (the hidden fey valley south of Valles).

Odin Buck

Odin Bucks are those bills that have been carelessly discarded by Odin and can be found on any map other than Valhalla. A rare ticket, these are prized and as such, are fought over until the harder monsters of the group keep it for themselves. Once you have gathered enough, you will be able to trade them in for special custom decorative items at a special store in Manesteen (in Lost Realms).

Stone Token

Stone tokens are the main currency used by Myrrdin, the Magic Dealer when you trade in your unwanted magics but they can also be found while stealing and on some monsters. When you have collected enough, you can buy special items from Myrrdin.