Teams vs Monsters

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Teams vs Monsters is a player-vs-player event.

Teams are composed of 3 players each. Each team must register in advance (details are posted on the forums how and where to register).

This event has 2 parts. The first part is completed within a time limit whenever you can get your team together during the day or night and a GM is on. Teams are placed in a small room and must battle against 2 levels of monsters. Once your team has completed the first two levels, you are worthy enough to compete in the final level - against the other teams that have passed. The final part takes place during a certain time (usually on the weekend during the afternoon server time).


  • No charged items. Charged items are clothing/armor that has magic reflection, poison protection, frost resistance, electrical resistance and fire resistance on them.
  • No wands are to be used except for buffing.
  • Teams are responsible for their own weapons, armor and supplies.
  • If you death cry during the event, you are out. It will be your team’s responsibility to collect your stuff.