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Location: various

In need a new hair style or hair color? Then visit your local barber and they will provide you with the latest styles. Services for the barber cost 25gp for a simple cut and 100gp for a style. If you are a drow, the barber will also dye your hair pure white. If your skin color is wrong, the barber will also reset your skin color back to normal using patented rejuvenation methods.

Barbers will respond to the following commands:

Black Marketeer

Location: Thane's Reach, Lost Realms

The Black Marketeer sells a variety of black market goods that are most wanted on the market but can be difficult to purchase. Some items are permanently on sale while others are in limited supply - when they run out, there will be more no available. Prices are much higher than normal with some reaching more than 5x what the item tends to sell on the normal market.

The Black Marketeer will respond to the following commands:

Cult Merchant

Location: Montor, Ilshenar

The Cult Merchants are associated with the Cult of the Eight, the current residents at the undead city of Montor. These are the only merchants available that will sell all the druid and necromancer reagents. There are three merchants available but they are not in plain sight (they have no tags or menus to identify themselves as merchants and they can be killed). Interact with them as you do other merchants by using their name and the command.

Cult Merchants will respond to the following commands:
sell bag

Dutch Auctioneer

Location: Near Asgard Bank

A dutch auction is where a higher price is initially placed on an item to be auction. After a certain amount of time has passed, the item will drop in price. The person who wins the bid is the one who buys the item before anyone else does.

The dutch auctioneer will reduce the price of an item by 5% of the original price every 21 hours (after 42 hours has passed, the price will be lowered by 10% and after 63 hours, the price will be lowered by 15%, etc). When the price seems reasonable to you, buy the item quickly lest someone else buys it. If the item does not sell, it will return to the seller's bank box. If you want an item returned, buy the item from the auctioneer and the gold will be returned to you in your bank.

Auctioneers will respond to the following commands:

Gift Wrapper

Location: Asgard

Giving a gift to that someone special? Why not place it in a colorful box and wrap it up with a great big bow? For a nominal fee that even an ettin can afford, visit the Gift Wrapper. Chose what color box you want and the item will be placed inside.

Gift Wrappers will respond to the following commands:
None - simply drop an item on the gift wrapper.


Location: Any Inn

Normally, when you log out, you will stop practicing your skills. If you log out at an Inn (with an Innkeeper), you will continue practicing but at a reduced rate. At any Inn, you will continue practicing at 1/4 the speed. If you log out at your racial hometown (eg. Ashbenford for Humans), you will continue practicing at 1/2 the speed. Not all races have a racial hometown. Check Races page if they have a hometown. You must log out for at least one hour to start gaining benefit.

Give some gold to your Innkeeper for a better room thus reducing your practice time. A small tip will reduce the time by up to 25%. It is up to you to figure out what a 'good' tip is for the innkeeper but keep it under 10K gold!

Looking for a realm boss? Innkeepers have overheard things. Just say realm boss to any innkeeper (and cross their palms with 1000gp) and they will tell you if they have heard of a horrible monsters at any nearby towns.

Innkeepers will respond to the following commands:
realm boss

Insurance Agent

Location: Hall of Administration, Asgard and various main cities

The insurance agent will insure you against loss of your items if you are killed for up to 30 days or until your loss. After 30 days or you have already used your insurance claim, you must go back and buy more insurance.

There are 3 different insurance packages you can buy

  • bronze package: Your cold corpse will not decay for 12 hours.
  • gold package: Any owned items in the top of your bag will go straight to your bank.
  • platinum package: both the bronze and gold packages for a special price.

Once you have bought your insurance, you can check how much time is left by saying, "time left".

In addition, you can insure any henchman against loss of items in case of accidental death. Just say henchman special to the agent to be insured. Insurance is good until they die. If you are online, all their items will go to your bag else it will go to the bank.

Check the help for current prices.

the insurance agent will respond to the following commands:
bronze package
gold package
platinum package
time left
henchman special help


The questgiver is a special NPC that will offer you a specific quest in return for a reward. Questgivers can be identified by several different ways. If you have .tooltips turned on, they will display "Quest" under their name when you mouse over them. If you open their paperdoll, they will have "Questgiver" after their name. And finally, if you run by them, they will typically ask for help.

Questgivers can be found anywhere. Those who are in towns typically offer simpler quests than those that are found out in the wild and may require a difficult task.

When you have found a questgiver, they will typically respond to "quest" (no need for their name). If they do not respond to "quest", then it may take another special trigger word to get them to respond. These questgivers are typically harder than the others and require special thought on how to activate them, usually an item that is around them or a clue in their greeting.

Once you have accepted the quest, you can access the quest through your paperdoll by clicking the "Quest" button or by using the dot command .quest. You will be able to view up to 5 quests, see the rewards that are offered, the time left if the quest is a time limited one and delete the quest if you no longer want to complete it.

Notes about Questgivers

  • If you have a quest that requires returning an item, drop the item on the same questgiver.
  • If you have a quest that requires you to observe an item, use your invocation skill then return to the questgiver and say the trigger word again to finish the quest.
  • Some questgivers require their quest to be done within a certain time.
  • If you can not finish the quest, you can remove the quest from your quest log by deleting it.
  • Some questgivers may have a resting period after handing out a quest. If you say the trigger word and the NPC responds with a Everything is fine, then someone else has recently done the quest and you will have to return another time.

Mercenary Boss

Location: Hall of Administration, Asgard

The mercenary boss hires out various mercenaries for a large fee. Each hired mercenary will only last for 1 hour or until their death, whichever is first. Mercenaries tend to be a lot tougher than the standard henchmen but they still will require care and attention as they are not invulnerable.

The three elemental-named mercenaries are do exceptional elemental damage as their primary damage bonus: frostchild does frost damage, flameborn does fire damage and the shock trooper does electrical damage. The armored mercenary is much tougher than the others and can be used as a tank. On the other hand, the ninja is a special mercenary that can do a lot of damage but does not have a lot of armor. It also has a few tricks up its sleeves.

Check the help for current prices.

the mercenary boss will respond to the following commands:
hire a frostchild mercenary
hire a flameborn mercenary
hire a shock trooper
hire an armored mercenary
hire a ninja

Myrrdin, the Magic Dealer

Location: Hall of the Fallen, Asgard

When you have magics you no longer want, Myrrdin is the person to see. Myrrdin accepts a variety of magic items, including magic shovels, wands and chipped rocks. He will not take magic jewelry nor magic foods. If it is findable and magic, Myrrdin will likely take it. After assessing the item, he will give you stone tokens in return. These tokens can be saved, sold and traded in with Myrrdin once you have enough to buy his wares.

To have him look at your magic item(s), either drop the item on him or ask him to sell bag and he will look through an entire bag. He will take owned items if you are the owner of the item.

Due to restocking issues, not all items are always in stock. For some more exotic items, he only carries one at a time. If it is bought, it may take a few minutes to a several days to get the item back in stock.

Myrrdin will respond to the following commands:
sell bag

Olav, King of the Gnomes

Location: Rikr’Skyn, under Corinth

Olav not only grieves for the city of Rikr’Skyn but he is filled with rage. The wealthy thieves known as the Utlagrs have taken over the beautiful underground city. They have set up camp in King Olav’s Palace using Gnomes as servants.

Olav demands vengeance for those that have invaded the lands handed down to each generation. Bring him the heads of the Utlagr bosses and he will give everyone standing around him a bag of Gnome goodies.

Olav will respond to the following commands:


Location: Various towns

The Postmaster handles all incoming and outgoing mail throughout Valhalla. Say mail to a postmaster and you will be able to read your mail and write mail to other players. To send an item or package to another person, you can use the mail system or quick courier system by dropping the item onto the postmaster and to whom you want to send it. If you are not sure of the spelling of the name, type in the partial name and you will be given a list of choices. If the Postmaster can find the person, you will be presented with a bill how much it will cost to send based on the mail's weight. If you accept, the mail will be sent directly to the person's bank box with your name tagged onto the return address on the envelope.

For those that want to send personal notes to players, you can use a book (sold at a scribe merchant or made by the tailor using the leather punch) or write a note (using a blank scroll bought at a scribe merchant).

Postmasters will respond to the following commands:
help, mail


Location: Hall of Administration

Registrars take their job very seriously and it's all paperwork and fee-collecting when it comes to giving out class, race and name changes. Make sure you have the required fee or they may send you packing.

Registrars will respond to the following commands:
change my class
change my race
change my name

The Oracle

Location: Temple at Uppsala (Lost Realms)

The Oracle knows all and is the only one who knows how to gain elemental bonuses for your characters. These bonuses can be accessed through .options and will make your character do more elemental damage or resist elemental attacks. For those that wish to speak with the Oracle, there are two ways to reach him. The first is travel to Lost Realms, go towards the eastern shore and sail across to the island. The other option is to travel north from the stargate in Lost Realms to the city where you can find one of the Oracle's followers who will gladly transport you to Uppsala for a small donation.

To gain the Oracle's favor, you must bring to him a gift for the gods. Simply place 3 different masterpiece items (one from each craft only), a Rod of Divination and 30,000gp in a basket and drop the basket onto the Oracle. If the Oracle accepts your gift, he will provide you with an Elemental Token to be taken to the Sage. Only the Sage has the wisdom to grant you access to these elemental bonuses.

The Gods like crafted items. You must offer 3 masterpiece items. You can only have one masterpiece item from a specific craft. For example, you can have a masterpiece scroll (inscription), food (cooking) and sword (blacksmithy).

The Rod of Divination can only be found on Noids. Noids are annoying little creatures that tend to travel together in packs. Noids tend to like sandy beaches and can be found in many of these beaches around Valhalla. They also like to resort and have taken to a place called Noid Island which has grass huts and an island feel. If you can look around, there is a secret teleporter near the Zarkesh docks.

It is rumored that the Oracle can be bribed. For every 10K gold you place in the basket above the minimum required, you have a 10% chance of receiving an extra token or an elemental hammer (you need 30K gold for the token, placing an extra 40K gold will give you a 40% chance of getting something special). If you place 200K in the basket, you will almost be certain to receive a third elemental token.

The Sage

Location: Misty Mountains, Valhalla
Note: Misty Mountains is a large mountain range in the middle of Dire Forest.

The Sage is a wise old man who knows the secret to the elemental world. If you take to him a token given to you by the Oracle, he will teach you one level of elemental damage or resistance. One level is worth 5%. You can gain up to 20% elemental damage bonus or up to 60% elemental resistance bonus with a 20% race bonus.

Elemental Bonus Race
Cold Vampire, Duergar
Energy Elf, Fey
Fire Draconian
Physical Human, Orc
Poison Drow, Dwarf

Teleport Agent

Location: Various Towns

Similar to the Carpet Merchant, for a few gold coins, the Teleport Agent will provide you with a list of locations he will instantly transport you. Each Teleport Agent can be different.

Uther, the Honor Guard

Location: Castle Asgard

Uther is a grumpy old man who stays in his office on the second floor at Castle Asgard. Due to his high rank in the order guilds, he handles a variety of tasks including all Roleplaying Order Guilds activity, player guilds and alignments. Uther charges for his various services with the exception of joining an order guild.

Roleplaying Order Guilds

Order guilds are just that - they offer a new title over the virtue title. You gain honor by honoring a person using accumulated virtue from killing various monsters. Whereas virtue titles only have two sets: one for positive virtue and one for negative virtue, honor titles come in a variety of choices based on the alignment of the order guild. There are three alignments for order guilds: Good, Neutral and Chaos. Good Order Guilds require you to be blue-named while Chaos Order Guilds require you to be red-named. Neutral Order Guilds do not check your current alignment.

Gaining Honor

The main way of gaining honor is to go out and kill monsters that give virtue then when you have enough virtue accumulated, find a person in an honor guild and honor them. It is preferable to honor those who are in the same-aligned or neutral-aligned guild as yourself.

Uther also has two challenges. The first is accepting heads for a direct increase in honor. Any monster (usually red-named) that gives at least 3 virtue will award you half that amount in honor from Uther (for example, if the monster gives 6 virtue, handing in the head will give you 3 honor). Either drop the head on him, use sell bag, or drop the bag on him and he will check the head. He does not take preserved heads. The second is an honor kill challenge. Say kill to him to find out if there is a monster that is bothering the local residents. Find and slay the monster then return to Uther and say kill again to him. All areas given by Uther can be found on the realm map. The amount of honor given is based on the size of the area you have to search. If you are in a party (using the party menu on the paperdoll), everyone who is in an order will get an equal share of honor for the kill. For example, if the honor kill is worth 100 honor and you have 2 people in your party, everyone will get 50 honor.

In addition to heads, Uther also takes guardian staves, order shields and chaos shields for 25, 50 and 50 honor, respectively.

For those that hand in their magics to Myrrdin, they can buy a special honor ticket that gives 150 honor.

Player Guilds

For those wanting to start their own guild, Uther sells charter deeds. Simply get 3 people who are not in a guild to sign the charter and give it back to Uther. If the charter is complete, he will give you the guild stone deed.

  • Once a guild stone deed is set up, removing it will destroy the stone so pick your name carefully as you will have to restart the process to get a new one.

Class/Race Title

If you do not like your class/race title as shown on your paperdoll, telling Uther: I want to remove my class title will remove it from your paperdoll for a small charge. This only removes your class/race title (for example, human warrior or fey cleric) and not any other title. Alternatively, using .options will remove these titles for free.

Lost Henchmen and Pets

Uther no longer searches for lost henchmen and pets as he has better things to do. Instead, find any town guard and say to them: status. They will look for your henchmen and pets and charge you a small fee to retrieve them.

Uther's Personal Store

Uther has a store selling basic items and items for those only in the order guilds. Check Uther for the current prices. For the special order guild items, you will need honor points to buy these items. Be careful though as if you spend too much honor, you can drop in title!

Item Min Honor Cost Description
Guild Charter Deed 0 100,000gp Sets up your own guild.
Replace Order Item 0 25,000gp Searches for your order item and if not found, gives a new one.
Strength Wand 3200 15 honor Wand with 5-10 charges.
Agility Wand 3200 15 honor Wand with 5-10 charges.
Cunning Wand 3200 15 honor Wand with 5-10 charges.
Bless Wand 3200 15 honor Wand with 5-10 charges.
Order Laminate Kit 6400 100 honor Special colors for your armor.
Obsidian Repair Kit 12800 125 honor Repairs your obsidian totems.
Porcelain Repair Kit 12800 125 honor Repairs your porcelain totems.
Repair Kit 12800 1500 honor Repairs your gear to brand new status.
Honor Shield: Death Eraser 25600 2500 honor Removes your two unconscious knock-outs so you do not deathcry. Costs 50 honor to use. Usable every 6 hours.
Honor Shield: Buff Extender 25600 3000 honor Extends all mage buffs and some other buffs to 2 hours. Costs 5 honor to use. Usable every 3 hours.

Uther will respond to the following commands:
I want to join an order / join
I quit my order / I denounce my order
I want to reset my order
I want to be evil
I want to be good
I want to remove my class title
find my pet/find my henchmen
check my virtue
check my order
check my alignment
sell bag

  • If you want to switch orders, just I want to join an order.

Valerie, the AE Artist

Location: Hall of the Fallen, Asgard

Valerie came to Asgard to visit her cousin but was quickly kidnapped by the Asgard mafia who, even after paying the ransom and even the shirt off his back, still demanded more. After a daring rescue by the brave citizens of Valhalla, Valerie was touched by their bravery and generousity and decide to stay in Asgard. As a world-famous artist, she specializes in painting the fabled Armor of the Einherjar and as a bonus, she will do it for free as a thank-you for her rescue.

When you have the entire Armor of Einherjar set, find Valerie and look over the colored cloaks in the middle of the room. She will only dye your armor those colors. Make a note of the name and number of the one you want (there are sometimes special cloaks that are available for short times thus the cloaks will have multiple names to identify themselves).

Put all your armor pieces into a bag and drop it on Valerie. She will check to make sure you have a full set then offer you a menu. Now select the armor you want and she will dye it and enchant the weapon.

  • If you add in a masterpiece cloak, Valerie will color it as part of the set. Make sure it is spelled properly - the same as the other armor pieces.

Valerie will respond to the following commands:

Wandering Healer

Location: Various Across All Realms

The healer will resurrect you when you are knocked out or dead. Simply go into war mode and approach him and be alive once again! If you are knocked out, he will resurrect you, kiss your booboos, get your belongings and dress you again. You are still on the 20 minute counter so you can still deathcry.