Sol's Treasure Map

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Sol's Treasure Maps are a rare event happening usually once a year when the Sun Goddess decides to bear gifts upon the citizens of Valhalla. But these gifts, rare and unique as they are, can only be gained through thought, strategy and determination.

Once the event has been announced (usually a post on the forums), players will have to scramble to either: find the special vendor placed somewhere in the lands and buy a starting kit or find the monster who has a bag on them. Once they have the bag, there will be a book inside and a key. You must decipher the clues in the book to find out where the secret treasure chest is hidden. The key will open the chest. These chests can be identified by their unique Sun Goddess color and can be anywhere in the world. It is often a good idea to take a team with you as you seek out the chests.

Prizes vary with the event.

Rules for Sol's Treasure Map

  • One bag per person.
  • If you are stuck, you may page for a clue. You will never be shown where it is.