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Relics are special charms that can be equipped in a character's paperdoll. They possess a wide variety of properties, many of which can only be found on relics. Relics can be obtained a number of different ways from dropping off certain monsters to receiving them as a reward from a quest. Bought relics, once equipped, are soulbound meaning the owner's mark cannot be taken off. Found relics are not soulbound.

  • Most relics need only to be equipped to gain their bonuses but some may require to be used (double-clicking the relic while it is equipped) before they grant their hidden powers.
  • Some relics have a limited number of uses and will disintegrate after the last use. For more information about a relic, use your magery skill on the relic.

Spell Relics

Relic Source Description
Relic of Permafrost ice daemon 5% chance to freeze a water elemental. Use with Summon Water Elemental spell.
Relic of Pyroclasm arcane daemon 5% chance to turn a moltanize a fire elemental. Used with Summon Fire Elemental spell.
Relic of Petrification wild elf priest 5% chance to harden an earth elemental. Used with Summon Earth Elemental spell.
Relic of Storms tribal god 5% chance to turn an air elemental into a tornado. Used with Summon Air Elemental spell.
Relic of Nightmares exodus daemon 5% Chance to summon a nightmare. Used with Summon Daemon spell.
Relic of Compassion Guild Event Adds 25% more healing when casting Greater Heal on another.
Relic of Repulsed Energy Guild Event Your Chain Lightning spell will not hit yourself, your summons, henchies or pets.
Relic of Catastrophe Guild Event 20% chance your Earthquake spell will cause a catastrophe, ripping open the earth and causing shock waves to all around.
Relic of Dissolution Guild Event Increases the chance to dispel summoned creatures by 50%.
Relic of Fire Flash Guild Event Chance to cause blindness to those caught around your Explosion spell.
Relic of Mind Infusion Guild Event 50% chance to increase your momentarily raise your intelligence to match your opponent's, causing great damage to their psyche. Uses the Mind Blast spell.
Relic of Mind Destruction Guild Event Your Mind Blast spell has a chance to ravage your opponent's mana pool by half your intelligence.
Relic of Preservation Guild Event Causes your Wall of Stone spells to last up to 50% longer.
Relic of Spell Penetration N/A Your elemental spells will ignore a percentage of your opponent's elemental resistance. Depends on the spell penetration value on the relic.
Relic of Toxicity Guild Event 50% chance to double your Poison spell.

Misc Relics

Relic Source Description
Relic of Aggression Wanderer of the Void [Doom Dungeon] Increases your strength by 5 points.
Relic of Curiousity Wanderer of the Void [Doom Dungeon] Increases your intelligence by 5 points.
Relic of Ambidexterity Wanderer of the Void [Doom Dungeon] Increases your dexterity by 5 points.
Relic of Masterpieces Guild Event Increases your base chance of getting a masterpiece by 50% while crafting.
Relic of Elemental Mastery N/A Your elemental damage, by weapons or spells, is increased by a percentage on the relic.
Relic of Greed Stealing You are able to .grab faster.
Relic of Nimble Fingers Stealing You are able to .grab a larger radius.
Relic of the Elements N/A 20% chance increase of receiving an elemental hammer from a bulk order deed.
Relic of Order N/A +15 strength.
Relic of Efficiency Myrrdin Instantly light campfires on the first try.
Relic of Honor Myrrdin Slaying monsters will give 1 honor for every 5 virtue they give.
Relic of Action Myrrdin Reduces unconscious time to 30 seconds.
Relic of Resistance Myrrdin +5 to all elemental resistances.

  • Note: When an item is a drop from a monster, it is typically between a 2% to 10% chance to drop depending on the difficulty of the monster.
  • Note 2: Relics whose status is N/A are currently not available in game or are only give out as special prizes on shard quests/raids.