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Forming a Guild

To start your own guild, visit Uther, the Honor Guard (located as Castle Asgard, east of Asgard) and buy the charter deed from him. Now you must find five (5) people who are not in a guild and will sign your charter requesting a guild be made. They may only sign the guild charter once and only one character per account. They do not have to join the guild when it is made. Once you have the signatures, take the charter deed back to Uther, drop it on him and he will give you a guild deed.

  • Make sure you put some thought into the guild name. Once the guild stone is created and you resign from the guild or shut it down, the guild stone will disappear and you will not get a guild deed back again. You will have to go through the process above again.

All functions pertaining to guilds can be found on the guildstone including recruiting new players, resigning, the guild charter and other things. There is also a list of guild dot commands available.

  • Members of a guild can resign their guild using the .resign command.

Guild Alignments

When you create a guild, you will be given the choice of making it Order [good], Neutral or Chaos. This option can also be changed at any time.

Order guilds are automatically at war with any Chaos guilds, and vice versa. Order and Chaos guilds are also able to declare war on Neutral guilds, and vice versa. This is only an roleplay war and all PvP rules apply. Guild wars as such are not currently allowed on Valhalla and must be taken to the Malas realm. For more about guild wars, please read the Player_vs_Player section.

Guild Levels

Take pride in your guild and have it grow! By donating crafted and harvested materials to the guild, the guildstone increases in level. With each level, you get rewards and from all preceding levels. All guilds start at level 0. After level 2, there are additional materials for that level that need to be collected.

Level 2

Change the guildstone graphic.

Level 3

Henchmen get a skill bonus if they are at your guildhall when you log in.

Level 4

Guild events cost 400 points.

Henchmen skills bonuses increased by +5, time is extended 1 hour.

Access to your bank through the guildstone.

Level 5

Many guild events have an additional pool of special guild deco prizes that are named and colored after the guild. There is a 25% chance per event that one of these items will drop as a reward after completing the event in the case there is a final boss. If everyone gets a reward, the chance is dropped to 10% per person.

Guild events cost 300 points.

Henchmen skills bonuses increased by +5, time is extended 1 hour.

  • Note: the guild events that do not have a level 5 prize are the chest/crate events and the speed dungeon due to the prizes being scattered out through-out the event.

Guild Points

Unless otherwise noted, all items donated to the guild are worth 1 point each.

Food is rated by their nutritional content. Higher nutrition foods such as gourmet foods will give more points per item than basic foods.

Guild Events

One bonus of having a guild is hosting scripted Guild Events. These events are only for guild members and have a greater chance of drops and magic items.

Player Vendor Guild Discounts

Player vendors can be set up to allow guild members to get a refund. Use guild refund when near your vendor to set up the discount. If you want to give members a 60% discount, set the discount to 60. Members will still need to purchase the item at the full price then will get 60% of their gold back.

Guild Boards

Advertise your guild at the Master Guild Hall at Folkvang. You can buy a guild board for a small amount of gold and describe your guild for others to read. If you have a guild color, it will change the board to that color. Boards needs to be refreshed every 30 days.

Guild Halls

Around the lands are special houses that are reserved for guilds. These can be identified by the sign near the house sign reserving it for guilds only.

When your guild has grown to 8 (eight) active, separate account members, the guild leader can purchase a designated guild hall to hold your meetings and for your members to gather. This guild hall is separate from your other houses.

You may only have 1 (one) guild hall per account.

There are periodic checks for active accounts. Once a guild has fallen below the minimum active accounts, it will be placed on probation (sign at the guild hall main door) then sold.

Guild Colors

The guild vendor is a special vendor located the Guild Hall in Folkvang. Here, you are able to buy a variety of items as well as get your very own guild color. These colors have never been offered anywhere else and are special for your guild only. You are required to have 8 separate accounts to receive your own guild color. If you do not have 8 accounts, you will lose the guild color.

To get your own guild color, the guild leader must pay 250,000gp to the guild vendor.

  • Only the guild leader can pick the color.
  • The guild color CAN NOT be changed once it is chosen. You have exclusive use of that color until you do not have enough members and the color is available once again.
  • Only certain slots can be dyed a guild color: the doublet, hip sash, cloak, kilt, relic and shield.
  • Only 3 shields can be dyed: order, kite (representing neutral) and chaos shields.
  • When you use a tarnishing agent on the item, it will no longer be a guild-colored item.
  • Only your own guild members can use items colored with the guild color. If another person tries to put on the item, it will become tarnished. If the person leaves the guild, the item will become tarnished.

To dye the item, put the item on your paperdoll, use the coloring kit and target the item on your paperdoll. This will determine if the item is in the right slot and be colored.

Note in Valhalla's History

In Valhalla's beginnings, guild dye tubs with special unique colors were given out to 8 guilds. These tubs are no longer available and there are no plans to making them available again. The guilds who still have these dye tubs will be allowed to keep them until the guild become inactive or deleted.

Guild Vendor & PvP Items

The guild vendor also sells items. All PvP items can only be used at Malas.

Guild Color Items

Item Description
Tabard Color Kit Colors an item your guild color.
Tarnishing Agent Removes the color from an item.
Tabard A tabard that fits in the robe slot and can be colored.

PvP Items

Item Description
Scrying Ball Placed on the ground, it will alert you if a player passes over it. Lasts one hour.
Scatter Potion 25% chance that summoned creatures will lose their focus and scatter.
Unhiding Potion Attempts to unhide all players 10 tiles around you. Dice throw against their hiding skill.
Paralyzing Potion Paralyzes everyone within 1-4 tiles around the target for a few seconds.
Player Trap Trap placed on the floor that damages a player when they walk over it. Lasts 6 hours.
Monster Trap Places a monster trap based on the pet ticket on the ground (destroys the ticket). Lasts 6 hours.