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Title: Miner
Trained By: Architect, Armorer, Jeweler, Tinker, Weaponsmith

The life of a miner is a hard one - working in a dark, dangerous mine, digging through veins of ore only to find misery in slimes, elementals and other things that are lurking underground.

Mining is comprised of two components: ore and ingots. Ore is the raw material you dig from the ground. Ingots are the smelted ore in useable form for the blacksmith or tinkerer to use.

To mine ore, use a pick or shovel in a cave, dungeon or mountain-side. Where you mine will determine what type of ore you may find. The amount found depends on your mining skill.

Skill Amount Ore
60 4-8
80 5-9
100 6-10

While mining for ore, there are different things that can happen to you. You can find a slime or an earth elemental, find a tattered map, find a gem or break your mining tool. Magic shovels (see below) have a higher chance to break than normal shovels. Tradeskill miners havea chance at gaining experience through insight as they are mining.

Mining Ore

There are 20 different ores. Below is a table where they can be found and the minimum skill needed to be able to dig some up. The type you dig up is random although the higher the skill required, the less of a chance you have of digging it up.

* [D] Dungeon only or underground town area.
* [W] World only: entrances to caves, mountain-sides.
* [B] Both.
Location Ore Type Skill
B Iron 0
B Bronze 30
B Dull Copper 35
B Copper 40
B Onyx 45
B Malachite 50
B Pyrite 55
B Crimson 60
W Evergreen 65
D Black Rose 65
W Metallic Blue 70
D Metallic Red 70
W Metallic Green 75
D Midnight Blue 75
W Sidhe Gold 80
D Dwarven Bronze 80
W Azurite 90
D Ruby Steel 90
W Blue Steel 100
D Obsidian Wyrm 100

While mining, you can either dig up the ore, find nothing, disturb a monster living under the ground, find a jewel or find a treasure map.

Magic Shovels

Magic shovels give a higher chance to find that particular ore, however, they still require your mining skill to find that ore. For example, if you have 60 mining and using a Midnight Blue shovel, you would not be able to get any Midnight Blue ore since it requires 75 mining. You would still be able to dig using the Midnight Blue shovel, just not get any Midnight Blue ore.

When using a magic shovel, you have a 90% chance of finding that ore while you are mining in the proper region. For example, if you are using a Ruby Steel magic shovel, you must mine in a dungeon for it to be effective otherwise it will be treated as a normal shovel. The downside is that magic shovels have a higher breakage rate per dig than normal shovels. The breakage rate is based on the mining skill required for that ore multiplied by 5.5%. At the highest range, an Obsidian Wyrm shovel will have a 7% breakage chance. This is completely random and you can end up with hardly any ore from the shovel or a lot of ore from the shovel.

Magic shovels are found as loot on some types of monsters. Trolls are said to be especially found of magic shovels.

Special Event Trigger

There is always a chance of triggering a special event such finding a jewel or map or raising a slime or earth elemental from the ground. Special events are completely random and not based on your mining skill.

Alu Minium

While you are mining, you have a chance to find some Alu Minium. You require 95 mining to find it and can only be found where you dig for ore anywhere but Valhalla. Alu Minium is used in the creation of horse barding.

Elemental Gems

Tradeskill miners have a small chance of finding an elemental gem while mining. Elemental gems are used by tinkerers to create elemental resistant powder to put on clothing as well as needed to add in an elemental damage bonus to weapons with the elemental hammer. There are five types of elemental gems to find: fire, frost, poison, magic and regeneration. Not all gems can be found in the same location. Try looking around swamps, the desert and various dungeons for your best chance at finding the elemental gems.

Marble and Granite

Marble and Granite can only be found in the world while using a pickaxe. You require 80 mining skill to be able to recognize it is marble or granite. The chance of finding some marble or granite is based on your mining skill and is about a 2-3% chance per dig.


To mine sand, just find a beach, some shorelines or desert area and start mining. While mining sand, you have a chance to dig up a slime, sand elemental, jewel, find a treasure map or break your shovel. Sand can be smelted into glass. The amount of sand you find is based on your mining skill and miners with 110 skill get the highest of two rolls:

Skill Sand
60 4-8
80 5-9
100 6-10


Mining clay requires a swamp. And just like sand, you have a chance to unearth a slime, earth elemental, jewel, treasure map or break your shovel. The amount of clay that you find is based on your mining skill and miners with 110 skill get the highest of two rolls:

Skill Clay
60 4-8
80 5-9
100 6-10


Once you have your ore, you can find a forge to smelt it into ingots.

To smelt ore into ingots or sand into glass (clay is tinkering as it is baked), you need the skill in ore minus 5 points. There is no skill required for smelting sand into glass. Find a forge and double-click the ore to smelt. If you fail, you will lose some of the ore and have to start over again.

The only exception to smelting is smelting coins into gold ingots. This requires a skill of 40 blacksmithy.