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Trained by: Architect, Carpenter, Tinker

Tools Needed: Mallet and Chisel

Masonry is the skill to build elaborate items with rocks. It can be a difficult task gaining the materials needed but the rewards are beautiful statues, personalized tombstones and elaborate carvings for your house.

  • Due to being unable to change lines in the context menu, Masonry will show as Focus.


The mallet and chisel can be made by a tinker.


The Masonry skill exclusively uses granite and marble to make their creations. Granite and marble only come from two sources: using the pickaxe while mining or finding it on the corpse of a granite or marble elemental. While using the pickaxe, there is a 2% chance and a skill check of 90 mining that you will find some granite or marble with each swing. Granite elementals are found during mining (a greater chance when using a magic shovel). Marble elementals are rarely found in underground caverns.

Using Masonry


If Masonry is your trade skill, you may rename the following items: pedestals, crystal pedestal, arcanist statue, squirrel statue, warrior statue, life-sized male statue, life-sized female statue, elven statue, ancient statue and any gravestone. There is no skill required to dedicate.


Attempts to destroy an item made with masonry back to granite or marble. There is no skill required but you can end up with nothing as well.


If Masonry is your trade skill, you may polish the stone with an ingot color. For every granite or marble needed, you will need 50 ingots to polish the statue. Some items can not be polished. There is no skill required to polish.


Item Skill Materials
towel holder 60 4 marble, 10 cotton cloths
square sink 65 4 marble
fancy sink 75 3 marble
sink 70 2 marble
bathtub 85 6 marble
toilet 60 2 granite
medicine cabinet 60 2 granite, 10 glass
large south fresco 80 12 marble
large east fresco 80 12 marble
small fresco 75 8 marble
cave carving 60 10 granite
cave spider carving 65 8 granite
cave web carving 55 8 granite
marble chair 75 2 marble
short marble table 80 4 marble
long marble table 85 8 marble
short marble bench 70 2 marble
long marble bench 75 8 marble
short sandstone table 80 4 granite, 200 sand
long sandstone table 85 8 granite, 200 sand
short sandstone bench 70 2 granite, 100 sand
long sandstone bench 75 8 granite, 150 sand
sandstone chair 75 3 granite, 150 sand
gravestone 55 4 granite
oven deed 45 2 granite
fireplace deed 45 2 granite
mosaic 80 1 marble
Paving Stones
paving stone 25 1 granite
block 20 8 marble
pedestal 55 2 marble
pedestal 75 4 marble
crystal pedestal 85 4 marble
sarcophagus 45 6 granite
arcanist statue 75 12 marble
squirrel statue 70 10 marble
warrior statue 75 12 marble
life-sized male statue 80 10 granite
life-sized female statue 80 10 granite
elven statue 50 8 granite
ancient statue 70 4 granite
Large Statues
angel statue 100 20 granite
music statue 100 20 granite
shepherd statue 100 20 granite