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Doom is located in the Corrupted Forest on Malas. The Corrupted Forest is located north-east of Umbra. Simply exit the city from the east exit, follow the mountain range and enter the Forest. Beware! The entrance is littered with the remains of previous visitors to the dungeon and that is just those that made it to the entrance. You will need a cool head, wit and guile to continue down to the depths of doom...

To enter Doom, you will need a doom key. Keys are found as loot from the monsters that reside in the Corrupted Forest. The drop rate is quite low so you may have to kill quite a lot of monsters before you find one. The harder monsters have a higher drop chance. Once you have the key, you may open the dungeon doors. The key will disappear and the doors will remain unlocked for 5 minutes. Once you enter, you will find a dark hole going deep down into the ground. The only way now is to jump down the hole to your doom.

Once you enter Doom, you can not exit the way you came in. You can not cast gate or summons here. You can not mark a rune. You can not recall (only to your homepoint). There is only one way to leave doom and that is as a ghost... or if you find one of the few moongates that will take you back to the Corrupted Forest. It is a one-way exit and if you want to enter Doom again, you will have to go find another doom key.

There are two healers in Doom. If you are in the Gauntlet, you can visit the healer in his special room. If you are in Doom, you will have to leave the dungeon as a ghost to visit the healer. If you want back into the dungeon again, you will have to find another doom key. If you are stuck in the Dark Guardians or Wanderer of the Void rooms, you will have to exit either by the special ghost teleporter or run through the doors.

Stealable Artifacts

Boxes are scattered in corners for you to open. You do not need lockpicks to open them but you will need high lockpicking. These chests are on different timers and the better the chest, the longer it will take before it respawns again. Until it respawns, you will just be hit with a trap. Most of the boxes contain deco but some contain specially-named magic items.

The Dark Vortex

At the furthest reaches of Doom is a special room. It is behind a series of closed doors for a reason! If you are brave enough, step into the room and onto the pentagram.

The Golden Box

Hidden within a room that has no doors is a golden box. Beware those who are foolhardy enough to open the box and peer what is inside. To enter this room, you must solve the puzzle located in another room. Simply step onto the correct tile and you will either find yourself in this room or find yourself facing certain doom.

Doom Quest

To begin your quest, you must locate Victoria the Sorceress. She will tell you a tale about Doom, the Dark Father and Chyloth the Ferryman. You must get across the lake by summoning Chyloth and defeating the Dark Father. To receive her help, you must first collect 500 daemon bones. All the creatures in the dungeon as well as those in the Corrupted Forest have a chance to drop daemon bones. Once you have 500 Daemon Bones, return to Victoria and she will give you a book. Take the book to the summon stone circle and use it. It will unleash a powerful Bone Daemon for you to defeat. If you manage to defeat the Bone Daemon, he will drop a golden skull.

Now that you have the skull, go to the beach portion of Doom and ring the Bell of the Dead. This will summon Chyloth the Ferryman. If you have the skull, he will offer you safe passage across the lake for 2 minutes. If you do not have the skull... you better run. The bell can only be rung once every 10 minutes.

Welcome to the Gauntlet of Doom. In each of the rooms are 5 powerful monsters to defeat. The top most room has a healer in case the unfortunate happens. You will have to defeat the monsters one room at a time. There is a maximum of 60 minutes to defeat all 5 rooms and the Dark Father himself. Each of the monsters in a room have a 2-10% chance of dropping a unique deco item or one piece from one of two sets of magic clothing/armor: the Majestic Set (cloth set) or the Dark Father set (plate set). The Dark Father has a 50% chance of dropping an item. Once you have finished, you can go back to the beach and take the teleporter to the Corrupted Forest.