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The Champion Spawn is an epic quest where you have to travel to the five realms, find the champion spawn altars and defeat the champions to collect their skulls to transport you to the Harrower's dungeon. The rewards for slaying the Champions and the Harrower can not be found anywhere else and include decorations, scrolls of power and the much sought-after Book of Transcendence.

To complete a spawn, you must first find the champion spawn altar. Once you arrive at the champion spawn altar, you begin slaying enemies right away. The more you slay, the more appear and the harder they become. The more you kill, the more white candles will appear around the spawn altar. Each white candle represents a portion of the advancement until you get to a red candle. Once you have completed 3 white candles, 1 red skull will appear and you start over again. If you do not complete enough white candles within a given time, you will begin to lose candles. Once you have enough red candles, the spawn will increase to the next level and harder monsters will begin appearing. Continue beating them until there are red candles all the way around the spawn altar. Now you have reached the point where the Champion may appear at any time.

Each spawn altar has a different Champion and each has special abilities (see below). Once you have defeated the Champion, the spawn altar will stop and no more spawn will come forth. A massive explosion of gold will cover the area.

List of Champion Spawn Altars

Realm Location Spawn Champion Skull Champion Abilities
Lost Realms End of the Path (approx 1350, 2120) Vermin Barracoon the Piper Skull of Greed Barracoon plays his pipe and calls forth several helpers to defend him.
Valhalla North of Bogmoor Arachnid Mephitis, the Spider Champion Skull of Venom Blows fire hot webs over you.
Ilshenar East of the Twin Oaks Tavern Twisted Glade Twaulo of the Glade Skull of Death Twaulo grows stronger every 60 seconds.
Malas Crumbling Continent Forest Lord Oaks Skull of Pain As long as Queen Silvani is alive, Lord Oaks will fully heal. Lord Oaks periodically summons pixies to aid him and protect his Queen.
Tokuno Near Zento Cold Blood Rikktor, the Dragon Champion Skull of Power As time passes, Rikktor's scales begin to harden, increasing his AR.

Champion Rewards

Once you slay the Champion, gold will fall from the heavens around the altar. The Champion's corpse will contain a variety of unique rewards including decorations, Scrolls of Power, rare action figures of the Champion and the Champion's skull.

The 5 Skulls

Once you have defeated all five champions and you have in your possession their skulls, you can now take on the Harrower. The Harrower is a truly evil creature with a unique reward: the Book of Transcendence. Take all 5 skulls to the Harrower Room in the Wrong dungeon on Valhalla. Place each skull on the altar (by using either the altar or the skull). Once a skull has been placed, it can not be removed. When all 5 have been placed, everyone standing around the altars will be taken to the dungeon where the Harrower resides.

The Harrower's Dungeon

Once you enter this Dungeon, the only way out is success or death (or cowardice). The beginning of the dungeon is a puzzle. You must open the switches in the correct order to continue on while fighting the various minions who live there. If you die in the dungeon, you can find a healer just outside the dungeon (up the stairs). You will have to reopen the gates in the proper order to rejoin your party.

The True Harrower is a unique boss in that he has unique attacks and you cannot just crowd around him to attack. He resides in a special cave where you can not enter but also he can not move. Once he is dead, you will be justly rewarded with gold, decorations, Scrolls of Power and the fabled Book of Transcendence. You must be near him and alive at the time of his death in order to get the Book which will be placed in your backpack.

  • To enter his cave, you have to be the lucky one to be pulled in by his tentacles. Being pulled in will result in an immediate 30% loss of life. If you leave the cave, you will have to wait until he pulls you in again.
  • The True Harrower has 18,000 life. You will not see a decrease in his health bar until you reach 6,000 life. He will taunt you at various times as you decrease his life. After 5 taunts (and color changes), his life bar will start to decrease.
  • He has several unique abilities. Dark clouds will appear around him. Walking into these will damage you. He can also summon tentacle beasts to attack you. He has the ability to absorb poison periodically and poison those around him. And the most annoying ability is his screech which knocks you off your mount.


  • Melee attackers will have the hardest time as he can hit quite hard when you are beside him. The best course of attack is to hit him once he pulls you in then run away when you are down in health.
  • Do not panic when he pulls you in. Panic will result in you taking more damage as you try to get away from him.
  • He is a spellcaster so drain his mana as soon as possible... and he has a lot of mana.
  • You can regroup further back in the dungeon if you are feeling the heat. He will not reset his life like other monsters once they have lost interest in you.

Book of Transcendence

The fabled Book of Transcendence is a rare treasure. Once used, it will add a permanent 5 points to each of your strength, dexterity and intelligence. After the book is read, it will disappear. You can use a Book of Transcendence up to 10 times on your character for a maximum of 50 bonus stat points.

  • The raised stat caps do not show up when selecting specializations. They will be added on after specializations have been saved. You will retain these increased stat caps even when changing classes or races or selecting new specializations.