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Title: Cartographer
Trained By: Architect, Decorator, Fisherman, Ranger, Shipwright

Cartographers have two functions: drawing maps of their surrounding areas and for treasure hunting.

You can buy blank maps from a provisioner. You have three choices for maps: Detailed, Regional and World maps. Detailed maps show a close-up of the immediate area. Regional maps show a much larger detail. Wherever you are standing when you make either a detailed or regional map will become the center of the map. World maps show the entire world. There are two types of world maps, a black & white (original UO version) and a full scale color version called the Map of the Realms.

When you open the map, you are able to point courses with pins. At this time, you can not plot a course on a map for a tillerman to take you there.

  • If you make a map and it looks nothing like your surroundings, try downloading the for cartographers in the download section.

Treasure Maps

The cartography skill is also used for reading treasure maps which are found in a variety of ways. They can be taken from some monsters or dug up while mining. There are different levels to maps and your cartography skill will decide which you can decipher. Once deciphered, you need a shovel and the map in your main backpack. Double-click the shovel then target the map and it will give you a direction. Your mining skill determines how much off you can be from X marks the spot. The next time you double-click the shovel on the map, you will start digging up the chest. When you double click on the chest, the chest's guardians will spawn. You do not need to use lockpicks on these treasure chest.

Treasure maps decay quite fast - usually around a week.

There are 6 levels of maps available [number in brackets is cartography skill required to read]. The higher the level of map, the harder the guardian spawn will be.

  • tattered [20]
  • frazzled [40]
  • frayed [60]
  • worn [80]
  • ragged [100]
  • spoiled [120]

All maps are realm-specific where found. If you find a map while on Tokuno, the treasure will be found on Tokuno. Maps on different realms have different rewards: Lost Realms contains a chance for double magics while maps for Ilshenar, Malas and Tokuno contain a chance for a piece of a multi-piece decoration item.

Some maps are also area-specific. A map with treasure around Minotaur City will contain a chance for additional minotaur loot.

Legendary Maps

Did you know some pirates were so distrustful of their better treasure they created a larger map out of smaller maps? When using your cartography skill on a bag of treasure maps, you can piece together the maps into a legendary map. This map has stronger guardians and better treasure loot. To create a legendary map, you must reach 150 points with tattered maps giving 1 point to spoiled maps giving 6 points.

Map of the Realms

Cartographers with 80 skill are able to make these detailed maps. You will need a blank map (bought from the provisioner) and a sextant. Use the map and make a world map. If you do not have the sextant in your backpack, you will make the original UO world map.

The Map of the Realms will show your position if you are on the continents (not in dungeons or special areas), your last death position, names of towns, locations and areas. If you have 100 cartography, it will show the locations of any decoded maps in your main pack. If you have 100 fishing, it will show the locations of any decoded message in a bottles in your main pack.