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World Events are quests and events that can be found anywhere on the map.


The Questgiver

The questgiver offers you a specific quest in return for a reward. Questgivers can be identified by several different ways. If you have .tooltips turned on, they will display "Quest" under their name when you mouse over them. If you open their paperdoll, they will have "Questgiver" after their name. If you run by them, they will typically ask for help. Finally, the majority of questgivers are dressed as in the picture but special RP questgivers can be dressed differently.

Questgivers can be found anywhere. Those who are in towns typically offer simpler quests than those that are found out in the wild and may require a difficult task.

When you have found a questgiver, they will typically respond to "quest" (no need for their name). If they do not respond to "quest", then it may take another special trigger word to get them to respond. These questgivers are typically harder than the others and require special thought on how to activate them, usually an item that is around them or a clue in their greeting.

Once you have accepted the quest, you can access the quest information through your paperdoll by clicking the "Quest" button or by using the dot command .quest. You will be able to view up to 5 quests, see the rewards that are offered, the time left if the quest is a time-limited one and delete the quest if you no longer want to complete it. There is also a limit of 5 quests you can have at any time.

Notes about Questgivers

  • If you have a quest that requires returning an item, drop the item on the same questgiver.
  • If you have a quest that requires you to observe an item, use your invocation skill then return to the questgiver and say the trigger word again to finish the quest.
  • Some questgivers require their quest to be done within a certain time.
  • If you can not finish the quest, you can remove the quest from your quest log by deleting it.
  • Some questgivers may have a resting period after handing out a quest and this resting period may affect just you or everyone who attempts to do the quest. If you say the trigger word and the NPC responds with a Everything is fine, then someone else has recently done the quest and you will have to return another time.

Notable Questgivers

Name/Location Quest/Reward
Daniel (Asgard Clearing, Valhalla) Starts the Stargate quest to get your crystal and information where to find it.
Jonas (Shadowdale, Valhalla) A mysterious non-functioning gate beside Shadowdale could possibly upset the balance of the universe.
Portsmouth (Valhalla) Two different questgivers are buying up normal fish in exchange for the more worthless gold fish.
Magistrate Nori (Luna, Malas) A daily quest that possibly rewards you with an elemental hammer.
Magistrate Asher (Umbra, Malas) A daily quest that possibly rewards you with an elemental hammer.
Jael (Doom, Malas) Remember to get this quest before entering Doom - the reward is an elemental hammer.


The Eventmaster

Event NPCs (or Event Masters) are special NPCs that handle a timed scripted event. They can be recognized by having "Event Master" in their name, such as Torgoth the Event Master or dressed all in red as in the picture.

Events are not always free. They can require a small fee and that is usually gold but can be other things. You can ask the eventmaster for help to see what they will accept and how many of the item to go. In most cases, you can simply drop the stack on them and they will return anything that is left over. Once the fee has been collected, you can now start the event anytime.

Start the event by saying 'event' or 'quest' to the event master. Usually, they will give you enough time to decide if you want to participate in the event. If you do not want to participate in the event, simply move away from the event master and you will not be included in the event. Your fee will not be returned.

Since these are scripted and timed events, you will have to perform some sort of task. Some tasks can be completed by a group of people while others will only allow one person. However, even though only one person can do the task, others usually are allowed to join in and help. Most events have a time limit of 1 hour.

Listen to them carefully to understand what to do.

Once the event is over and you are successful at completing it, each participating person will be awarded a prize. These prizes are similar to what is given for guild events. In addition, there is a 5% chance that you will be given one of the new mounts. It is up to you to be able to tame it though!

What is the difference between guild events and event masters?

The main difference is the prizes. Because guild events require points, they have double the loot tables that event masters have. In addition, guild events offer a greater number of prizes, special prizes not found anywhere else and triple the chance of a rare mount (given in ticket form instead of spawned beside you to tame).

Notable Events

Type/Location Quest/Reward
Orc Shapechange (Valhalla) Gives orcs the armored orc graphic after they complete a raid on the orc fort.
Elf Paperdoll (Valhalla) For older players, gives you the elf paperdoll graphic. Only lasts until you die. Newer players can simply select the elf race when making a new character.
Einherjar Bauble (Valhalla) Having trouble finding the Godly Weapon parts? Complete this global event and be rewarded with the Bauble that is attuned to determining whether a part is within proximity to you.

Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter requires you to perform 3 tasks: collect heads and/or items across the realms. You will be given the tasks ahead of time to choose whether you want to do them or not. If you do not accept the bounty, the bounty hunter will ignore you for a short time. Only afterwards will you be able to ask for another bounty.

Heads and items are located somewhere within the 5 realms. You will not be given any hints to where you have to find them. Good luck! When you have the heads or items, simply drop them onto the bounty hunter for assessment.

You can access your bounty list by using .bounty.

There is no time limit to complete a bounty.

There is only one bounty hunter that gives out the bounties. However, you can find the bounty hunter in different towns so you just need to visit any of them to start and finish the bounty. All bounty hunters give out the same bounties and prizes.

Prizes are based on the difficulty of the total bounty. Having to bring back the head of a boss or champion monster will raise the number of chances you get for prizes. The minimum amount of prizes you will receive is 4 and you can get up to 7 prizes for a very difficult bounty. The chance for receiving gold for each prize chance is roughly 49%.

  • Tip: For convenience, you can put all the heads/items in a bag and drop the bag onto the bounty hunter instead of dropping each individual piece.

Cursed Tower

The Cursed Tower

The Cursed Tower is a special event found on the surface map of Lost Realms, Valhalla and Malas. Ilshenar and Tokuno can have the towers but they do not respawn once activated. Cursed Towers have the spirits of angry monsters contained inside, waiting to seek vengeance on whomever decides to wake them. Kill all the angry spirits and cleanse the tower.

When you have found a cursed tower, you may want to seek a group of helpers as the events can be hard. Activate the tower and you will have to complete one of four tasks within a short amount of time. Once you have finished these tasks, you will be given a large reward and prizes will rain down from the sky. The amount of prizes dropped depends on the event with harder events raining down more prizes.

Cursed Tower Events

  • Kill One Hundred: You must kill one hundred spawns within 5 minutes. You will receive 1 virtue and 10 experience for every monster killed.
  • Kill Many: You have 5 minutes to kill as many monsters as possible. You will receive virtue based on the amount killed (the more killed, the higher the multiplier) and 10 experience for each monster killed. Amount of prizes depends on how many are killed.
  • Kill Elites: You have 5 minutes to kill up to 3 elite monsters. Good luck! If you succeed, you will receive 100 virtue and 2000 experience. If you fail, you can clean up the monsters.
  • Kill the Champion: You have 3 minutes to kill a champion monster. If you succeed, you will receive 100 virtue and 2000 experience.

After the event is complete, the tower will disappear and reappear somewhere else in the world. There are several towers in each of Lost Realms and Valhalla. Malas may have one or two.

What makes a Cursed Tower unique is that all your henchmen and pets will also receive virtue and experience for completing the event with you.


A prisoner might be held captive in a location or simply just stuck at their location as there are too many monsters around. If you clear the area and take them to their destination, they will reward you. Once you have found a prisoner, simply say rescue and they will follow you around. You must keep within their sight (about 8 tiles) else they will decide it is safer where they were and instantly return. If there are monsters around, they may not want to go through them and will wait (or hide if attacked) until you have cleared the path. Rewards include gold, experience and virtue depending on distance traveled.


Travelers want to get to a certain destination but are too afraid to travel by themselves. They will pay a small fee based on the distance travelled for you to escort them. Say escort to them to have them start their journey. If you travel too far from them (about 8 tiles), they may decide their escort has left them and they will return back again. If there are monsters around, they will be too afraid to continue and wait until you have cleared the area or gone around them.

Orc Prisoner

The Orc Prisoner

A princess is being held captive by those horrible orcs! As the resident good person (or roguish person), it is your duty to go help this princess. The princess is held in a cage within a small orc camp, located somewhere on the surface map of Valhalla. When you find the camp, slay the orcs to find which is holding the key. Use the key on the gate to free the princess. She will be so grateful that she will lead you to her treasure chest and open it for you. The most common item that you will receive as a reward will be gold but other rare prizes will sometimes spawn in the chest.

Once the princess has been freed, she will hang around the camp for a short while then disappear. This event resets in about 10 minutes and you can find it again in another location. The camp is only located on the surface map of Valhalla.