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A wedding is a special event which often the entire shard attends to watch the joyous union between two people. Weddings will only be provided between a man and a woman [please remember, this is the Age of the Norse and only this union will be allowed for a wedding ceremony].

If you want GM involvement with a wedding, please page and a GM will show up when available to discuss the details.

Engagement Ring

If you would like to give that special person an engagement ring, a GM will rename a normal ring "an engagement ring" for 5,000 gold.

Wedding Rings

Colored: 5,000 gold EACH.

Engraved: 5,000 gold EACH.

A double ring ceremony with both colored and engraved will cost 20K. You must provide the rings. Magic rings are allowed.

Wedding Places and Chapels

The main place to be married is Wedding Isle. The teleporter is located near the small Asgard park near the North gates.

Rental Of Wedding Isle: free.

Includes choice of color, deco by GM and name change for bride. If you want to use a GM color, you must have approval of that GM.

Other wedding areas are also available. If you want it decorated, please consult with a GM. Please remember that it takes time to decorate a different area and a service fee may be charged by the GM. Numbers shown are UOAM coordinates.

  • Arcane Valley Cathedral [6076, 3253]
  • Folkvang Traveller's Inn [298, 3070]
  • Haunted Castle [4144, 3014] - only for Vampires not during Hallowe'en.
  • Impalenth [5803, 583] - only for Vampires.
  • Saranth Cathedral [1626, 406]


Use of the Tap, Dance Isle or Valhalla Beach: free.

Food, Drink, and Wedding Cake are provided.

  • Beyla's Special Brews are available for 10,000 gold. These are specially-colored bottles in Beyla's color.