Weapon of the Einherjar

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Even those with great power tend to display apathy towards the items they own. Carelessness leads to misplacing those items allowing them to be found by another.

In the realm of Valhalla, there are 5 artifacts that have been lost. Singularly, these items are only regarded as religious artifacts and are worshiped by those that find them. But when combined, they can produce a weapon so powerful that one could consider themselves to be a god while wielding it.

The 5 artifacts are:

  • God Nails
  • Singing Stone
  • Andvari's Gift
  • Eitr
  • Eldhrimnir

Once you have found these 5 artifacts, your journey is still far from over. You will have to travel to the Lost City of the Elves in the Lost Realms. Only there will you be able to combine the 5 artifacts into a weapon of godly damage. There is no skill required to craft the weapon - just make sure all 5 artifacts are in your backpack and use one of them. When you begin the crafting process, you will be able to choose what type of weapon you want. All weapons will be infused with a random damage bonus ranging from godly quality to godly destruction and random weapon enchantment similar to lightning-enchanted weapons.

After creating the weapon, you will get a special brand-new damage bonus. The weapon is so new that you will do an additional 33% damage with it. This bonus lasts only until time it is repaired by using your blacksmithy tools. However, a repair kit (found from various vendors and as prizes) will return the godly weapon to its godly durability and extra damage.

Some notes about the religious artifacts:

  • All 5 artifacts are located somewhere on a monster in the Valhalla realm.
  • All 5 artifacts are always available. Once one has been found, a new one will spawn on another random monster within 36 hours.
  • Some of the artifacts can be used and if you use it, it will use up the artifact. You have a few seconds before it finishes so move around to stop the process.
  • A special event npc rewards you with the Einherjar Bauble upon successful completion of the quest. Use the bauble to determine if pieces are within 200 tiles of your location. The strength of having a possible piece is determined how far away it is from you. This npc can be found in one of Valhalla's major towns.