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Title: Tinker
Trained By: Architect, Armorer, Carpenter, Jeweler, Tinker, Weaponsmith

  • Tools needed: toolkit, tinker's tools

The tinkerer... one who tinks... never around when you need one. The tinkerer is able to make a variety of interesting items as well as repair broken totems. When working with clay, a tinkerer must stand near an oven.

Broken Totems

A totem is also known as a shrinkable, pocket steed or clockwork mount. Obsidian totems require obsidian and porcelain totems require porcelain. You will know the amount when using the tinkerer's tools on the broken totem.


You need 5 wax, a kettle and a dipping stick. If you want to make a skull candle, you will require a head (any head will do - target a dead animal with your dagger or skinning knife until you get the head).

  • Use head on kettle to get skull (if you want skull candle).
  • Use 5 beeswax on kettle to get a pot of wax.
  • Use dipping stick on the pot of wax to get a candle.
  • Use skull on the candle to get a skull candle.


To make a Cannon Deed you will need a Cannon Mount (carpentry) and an Unmounted Cannon (blacksmithy) in your main Backpack. Double-click either and after passing a Tinkering Skillcheck of 110, you should assemble a cannon deed. You can also make the cannon deed through the toolkit crafting menu.

To use the Cannon Deed, double-click it in your home and choose the direction you want it to face. To fire the cannon, you will need a Cannon Ball (blacksmithy) and a Charge of Gun Powder (tailoring, alchemy). Double-click the cannon and then select your target.

  • If you have two overlapping cannons and wish to release them, do not click on the part where they are overlapping. Only one deed will return to your pack.

Colored Glaze

Colored glazes can color glass, clay, obsidian and porcelain items. To make the glaze, you will need a reinforced dyetub (woodworking), 1000 of your favorite gem, a tempered mortar (blacksmithy) used to grind the gems and two bags of acidic powder (alchemy) for dissolving the gems into the glaze.

Use your mortar to select the powder and gems you would like to color the glaze with. Take care to have all your ingredients ready as once the powder is opened, it will react very quickly and be useless if you need to restart the process. This is a precise process and only the most skilled of tinkerers will be able to make a stable glaze.

The quality of the gems will determine how many you use and how long the glaze will last for. Lower quality gems will easily disintegrate compared to higher quality gems which will have a lesser failure rate.

Preserved Heads

When you carve a head from a corpse, it will only last for 3 days. To prolong the life of your trophies, you can have a tinkerer preserve them. All it takes is the head, straw (available from farmer) and a greater cure potion. Use either tinkerer tools or a toolkit on the head while you have the other two items in your main backpack. Your tinkering skill determines your success (60 tinkering skill will be a 60% chance of success). If you fail, you will only use up the materials and not harm the head.


Sextants are used to navigate the seas (if you do not use UOAM) and be able to tell what your coordinates are while on the boat.

Creating and Enchanting Jewelry

Only those who are tradeskill tinkerers and have at least 90 skill can enchant jewelry. Anyone who meets the minimum skill requirements can make and place a gem in the setting.

Before you can enchant jewelry, you must have a blank jewelry item or a gemmed jewelry item. If you do not have any jewelry, create the jewelry item using the tinker's toolkit. When the jewelry item has been made, use the toolkit again and choose Gem Setting to set a gem on the jewelry item. The gem setting is important and will determine the type of enchantmant that can be placed on the jewelry.

To create magic jewelry that will increase one of your stats (strength, intelligence or dexterity), you will require obsidian. The chart below shows the gem placed on the jewelry item will result in the stat-gain enchantment and the amount of obsidian required.

Gem Stat Affected Initial Boost Max. Boost Skill Check Obsidian
Diamond Strength +3 to +5 +5 90 50
Sapphire Dexterity +3 to +5 +5 90 50
Star Sapphire Intelligence +3 to +5 +5 90 50
Emerald Strength +2 to +4 +4 80 30
Ruby Dexterity +2 to +4 +4 80 30
Amethyst Intelligence +2 to +4 +4 80 30
Citrine Strength +1 to +3 +3 70 15
Tourmaline Dexterity +1 to +3 +3 70 15
Amber Intelligence +1 to +3 +3 70 15

Use the toolkit on the jewelry item and target the pile of obsidian for that level of gem. The level of enchantment depends on your tinkering and magery skills. If you succeed, you will have a magic jewelry item. Finally, identify the magic jewelry using magery. The table below shows the 5 levels of enchantment.

Stat Gain Enchantment
1 polished
2 glowing
3 lustrous
4 radiant
5 shining

Enchanting Quick Guide

Step 1: Create a jewelry item: eg. a bracelet.
Step 2: Place a gem in the setting: eg. a diamond.
Step 3: Enchant the bracelet using 50 obsidian.
Step 4: Identify the now magic bracelet using magery.
Step 4a: The bracelet is now a glowing bracelet of strength meaning it only got a +4 stat gain.
Step 4b: Enchant the bracelet again using 50 obsidian.
Step 4c: Identify the magic bracelet again.
Step 4d: The bracelet is now a shining bracelet of strength meaning it has the top stat gain.
Step 5: You know have the top enchantment for a diamond: +5 in strength.

Enchanting Clothes

Tradeskill tinkerers with a minimum of 90 skill and high magery can use elemental gems to enchant magical clothing. Only magical clothing and armor can take the enchantment - plain clothing and armor do not have enough magic to hold a charge. Elemental gems are found by tradeskill miners and come in several varieties: fire, frost, magic, poison and regeneration. After you have completed the long process, the clothing that received the enchantment will be resistant to that type of elemental damage (for example, a fire gem crushed into powder and applied to a clothing item will result in it being fire resistant for a certain amount of charges). The amount received depends on your skill.

You may also switch enchantments or add to enchantment but one item can not contain two or more enchantments. If a robe is fire resistant, adding another fire elemental gem will increase the number of charges up to a maximum of 200.

Tinkering Items

Tinkering requires a set of tinker's tools which can be bought from various vendors including the Provisioner or made by another player.

Item Skill Tools Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Small Tools
Sewing Kit 30 2 ingots
Scissors 50 4 ingots
Tongs 50 4 ingots
Dovetail Saw 20 4 ingots
Hammer 50 4 ingots
Moulding Plane 30 4 logs
Jointing Plane 30 4 logs
Smoothing Plane 40 4 logs
Saw 50 4 ingots
Draw Knife 40 10 ingots
Froe 30 2 logs
Inshave 15 1 ingot 2 logs
Scorp 30 2 ingots
Leather Punch 40 4 ingots
Large Tools
Shovel 30 4 ingots 1 pole
Tinkers Tools 80 20 ingots
Toolkit 30 5 ingots
Axle 20 2 ingots
Axle and Gears 50 2 ingots
Clock Parts 40 2 logs
Dipping Stick 30 4 logs 4 thread
Gears 40 2 ingots
Hinge 30 2 ingots
Nails 45 1 ingot
Springs 30 2 ingots
Sextant Parts 65 1 ingot
Studs 65 1 ingot
Alchemy Symbols
Daemon 80 oven 20 clay
Lightning 80 oven 20 clay
Hellfire 80 oven 20 clay
Meteor 80 oven 20 clay
Healing 80 oven 20 clay
Protection 80 oven 20 clay
Venom 80 oven 20 clay
Reflect 80 oven 20 clay
Resurrection 80 oven 20 clay
Bless 80 oven 20 clay
Firefield 80 oven 20 clay
Necklace 70 8 gold ingots
Bracelet 60 6 gold ingots
Earrings 50 4 gold ingots
Ring 50 4 gold ingots
Basin 15 oven 10 clay
Frying Pan 50 10 ingots
Glass 30 4 glass
Glass Pitcher 30 6 glass
Goblet 50 4 glass
Kettle 40 6 ingots
Mug 12 4 clay
Plate 15 8 clay
Silverware 90 5 ingots
Spittoon 70 10 ingots
Small Vase 25 oven 10 clay
Large Vase 40 oven 20 clay
Flower Pot 12 oven 10 clay
Large Flowerpot 25 oven 20 clay
Small Statue 50 oven 50 clay
Eagle Statue 60 oven 70 clay
Bust 45 oven 50 clay
Clock 60 1 clock frame 1 clock parts 1 springs 1 axle and gears
Lightning Capacitor 95 hammer 200 glass 200 ingots 20 hides
Pocket Fisherman 94 tinker's tools 1 pouch 1 fishing net 5 springs
Extractor 75 10 ingots 5 axle and gears
Ghost Detector 60 5 ingots 5 studs 2 fertile dirts
Obsidian Totem Repair Kit 85 100 obsidian 100 bandages 5 springs
Porcelain Totem Repair Kit 85 100 porcelain 100 bandages 5 springs
Small Miscellaneous
Empty Bottle 30 2 glass
Empty Bottles [10] 50 20 glass
Obsidian 90 25 glass
Obsidian [10] 90 250 glass
Copper Key 40 2 ingots
Gold Key 40 2 ingots
Keyring 40 2 ingots
Spyglass 100 5 ingots 2 glass
Sextant 70 1 sextant parts 2 glass
Lock Pick 50 2 ingots
Flask 50 10 glass
Manastone 90 1 essence of flame 5 gold ingots 5 reaper heartwoods 1 crystal ball
Porcelain 90 oven 25 clay
Porcelain [10] 90 oven 250 clay
Fertile Dirt 15 froe 5 ent heartwoods 1 full refresh potion
Deadwood 15 froe 1 reaper entwood
Large Miscellaneous
Lantern 80 25 logs 8 glass
Wands 75 2 gold ingots 1 pole
Cannon Deed 100 1 cannon mount 1 unmounted cannon
Chest 85 100 ingots
Crystal Ball 70 20 glass
Crystal Vial 85 oven 500 glass
Strong Box 75 75 ingots
Porcelain Totems
Golem 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Steed 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Llama 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Ostard 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Blades 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Cow 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Whyte 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Elemental 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Ant 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Drake 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Lich 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Deamon 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Cat 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Sheep 90 tinker's tools 200 porcelain
Obsidian Totems
Golem 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Steed 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Llama 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Ostard 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Blades 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Cow 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Whyte 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Elemental 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Ant 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Drake 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Lich 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Deamon 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Cat 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian
Sheep 90 tinker's tools 200 obsidian