The Unforgiven

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The Unforgiven is linear, self-contained story with RP elements mixing single-target quests and scripted events that may require single or party participation. As the story progresses, you will learn more of a dark secret that has been lost in the annals of Valhalla's past but only now is coming to light and the outcome could possibly shape a new future.

There are 8 Acts in total. Each act typically has a common theme and ranges in size with several things you will have to do to complete the Act. You will know when the act is over when you are told to take a rest before the next big thing happens.

When you have finished The Unforgiven, you can start the quest over again for additional prizes and an upgraded paperdoll title. Although the story is linear, there are parts that can be done in advance for credit towards the quest and some parts are random from a pool of scenarios.

Even though The Unforgiven is a single-player quest, you can do the quests with another person. If you want to keep the same quest, take turns talking to the various NPCs. Some quests may require one person to wait as they can only be done one-at-a-time.


Rock Bane is the NPC that handles most of the quest and he can be found within the walls of Asgard just behind the cathedral.

Unless it is a timed or scripted event, you may progress through any quest at your own pace. If you do not remember what you have to do, simply return to Rock Bane and ask for help.

Some events may only be done by a single person or party. If an event is in progress, you may have to wait until it is over or the timer has expired. Usually, you have a maximum of one hour to complete the event.

NPC Interaction

All interaction with NPCs are done with text commands - there are no context menus available. The majority of NPCs will understand quest and help. Some NPCs will require some conversation and a keyword to continue the conversation. For example, the NPC may talk about something to which you must pick out the keyword from the sentence, repeat it back to the NPC at which he/she will continue with their conversation. There might even be more than one word in the sentence that you can get more information from the NPC.

If you want or need to restart an act, you can ask Rock to restart this act.


Many items that are required to be collected during the quest have a maximum life of 1 week unless otherwise noted. After this time, the item will decay. Make sure you hand it in before then for credit or else you will have to retrieve the item over again.

Starting the Quest

Rock Bane is attempting to gather together a small band of underground resistance fighters. An underground resistance located right in peaceful Asgard? Why would he need a resistance force in the city of the gods? You can find Rock Bane hiding out within the walls of Asgard.

To start the quest, just say quest to Rock. He will respond with a cryptic message. Figure out what word(s) he wants you to say back to him to continue his conversation until he gives you your first assignment.


The walk-through will be posted once a few people have gone through the event. Do not look at the walk-through unless you are really stuck or you want spoilers.

Act 1: The Resistance

Join the Underground Resistance.

Act 2: The Unknown Known

Find information about a new threat to Valhalla.

Act 3: Interview with the Assassin

The Ruling Council has been assassinated!

Act 4: Civil Disobedience

Towns are being invaded by rioters and protestors.

Act 5: The United

Gain the allegiance of the 9 different races.

Act 6: The Invaded

Fight against the invasion!

Act 7: Vikings: The Battle for Asgard

The final showdown is here.

Act 8: Spoils of War


Unforgiven Easter Eggs