Tasks of the Gods

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For many years, the Gods have waited for the Chosen One to appear and watching those come close but fall short of expectations. Now the Gods have grown bored waiting and will instead find their Chosen One by giving all citizens a series of tasks given out by each God or Goddess.

The Tasks of the Gods is a special event which involves participation by all current gods and goddesses on staff. Those participating will have to do a series of tasks set out by each god or goddess within a time limit. The length of this event depends on the number of tasks with each task lasting about 3 to 4 days each.

Tasks usually involve using all of Valhalla's resources, including crafting, hunting, documenting personal experiences, creativity, problem-solving and historical knowledge.

The winner of this event receives a large compensation package (increases to virtue, honor or experience, special naming tickets or special recoloring tickets) and a special title that will show up on their paperdoll: Chosen of the Gods. This title guarantees a place by Odin's side when we enter Ragnarok. The runner-up receives a smaller compensation package while everyone who enters receives a small package filled with goodies.