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To tame a creature, try to get close to it (some are shy and will run away from you) and use your Taming skill on the creature. Not all creatures can be tamed and some are easier to tame than others.

Once you have your new pet, you will have to follow some rules if you want it to stay loyal to you. First, it needs to be fed. If you don't routinely feed it (it will warn you in advance it is getting hungry), it will go wild again. This may not be a big deal for a pet cat or pig but if your dragon goes wild, you do not want to be doing something else and not notice as it stomps all over the place.

When you tame a new pet, a portion of your experience and virtue is transferred to the pet. Though the use of the Veterinary skill, you can spend these points on upgrading your pet. Additional experience and virtue is gained by taking your pet hunting.

Pets are like henchman - you can only have so many. Because some pets are more powerful than others, you can have less of the more powerful ones or more of the less powerful ones. For example, dragons are quite strong and harder to control thus you can only have 1 at a time. On the other hand, cows and horses are easier so you can have a few. The maximum you can have is based on your taming skill. Summoned creatures do not count towards your allowed maximum.

When you are not around, it is common practice to stable your pets. When you stable them at an authorized stablemaster, they will keep your pet safe and well fed for a nominal fee, depending on the type of pet. If you log out without stabling your pet, they go into hiding and will wait for you to return. While they are hidden, they can still be attacked with area of effect spells or items, such as an exploding potion. If you log out with your pet near the Asgard Gardens, your pet will be moved behind the gardens near the water.

Using Veterinary

The Veterinary skill is the primary offset to Animal Taming. Veterinary skill gives you a greater understanding of the creature you are trying to tame. While it does not improve your chances to actually tame the creature, it will decrease your chances of angering the creature. The last thing you want to do is anger a dragon you are trying to tame.

The higher your veterinary skill is, the faster your healing on your pets takes effect. For every 15 points of veterinary you will reduce your healing time by 1 second. This means 60 veterinary skill will reduce your time by 4 seconds and at 100 skill you reduce the healing time by 6 seconds.

The Veterinary skill also allows you to determine a pet's hunger. When they get hungry, it is a good idea to feed them (see the chart below what they like to eat). If it is not listed, pets eat either raw meat or vegetables/fruits which are readily available from hunting, the butcher or farming.

The Veterinary skill is also used in Pet Bonding. For more information, please see Pet Bonding under Veterinary.

Pet Bonuses

Non-rideable pets will automatically feed if they are carrying an edible item. Use the fetch command to store an item on your pet. When you stable them, they will automatically drop the item. Rideable pets will automatically feed from your backpack if you are riding them.

Pets have their elemental damage/resist bonuses updated to yours automatically when the server restarts. They will also automatically update when taken out of the stables.

In combat, pets have a base 5% evade chance based with a bonus based on their experience and their tame skill (pets requiring a higher tame skill get a higher evade chance). This is an internal combat calculation. In addition, their minimum daily combat experience is 60% - they will gain at least 60% experience for killing a monster that gives experience.

Pets get a regeneration and bandage bonus. They will get 3 times the regeneration from campfires based on their master's camping skill. For bandaging your pet, they will get twice the heal based on their master's healing skill.

Provocation and Musicianship

Trying to tame an angered creature takes time to calm the creature and get it to listen. If you are a bard and can pacify the creature with music, you can get it to listen to you faster. This can also be effective if your animal lore doesn't prevent you from angering the creature.

Provocation can also be used against the bigger creatures. For example, provoke a dragon defender on a dragon and then tame away. If you anger the dragon, run, heal and try again.

Stabling Your Pet

To keep your pet safe, you can take them to any stablemaster. For a small fee, they will stable them for you and give you a stable deed to retrieve your pet. Stabling your pet will return them to their original specifications with the following exceptions:

  • Pets keep any stats they have gained for everyone.
  • Rangers and Tamers keep their pet's virtue, experience, armor rating and skill increases. A Ranger or Tamer is required to take the pet out of the stables in order to keep these bonuses.

Pack Animals

Tailors can make the bridles for packhorses and pack llamas. To get a pack animal, use the bridle on a tamed horse or llama. Other animals will refuse to wear it. The command "fetch" will drop what he is carrying and if you say "fetch" and open his pack, he will put the fetched item in his pack. Pack animals are not used on Valhalla Lost as we have allowed the maximum weight/item count for backpacks. However, they are great for those that like to roleplay while harvesting their materials.

Pet Commands

Add ALL to the front of the command and all of your pets with you will do that command.
Add the NAME of your pet to the front of the command and only the named pet will do the command.
Add ME to the end of the command to follow yourself or it will give a targeting cursor.
For example: all follow me, all guard me.

Command Effect
Kill Attack Tells the pet to attack the target that you select.
Stop Your pet will stop all other commands. If in combat, you may have to repeat this command several times.
Follow Your pet will follow you or the target that you select.
Transfer Changes ownership of the pet. The new owner must have sufficient skill to tame the creature themselves. You can't transfer ownership of a totem animal while it is in animal form. You have to shrink it to totem form and hand it to the new owner.
Release Allows a tamed creature to go wild. This command can not be a part of a sentence. If you release a high level creature, you will be prompted to make sure you really want to release it.
Guard Your pet will guard the target and attack anyone aggressive towards that target.
Fetch / Get Tells your pet to go and get an item and then come back.
Drop Tells your pet to drop any items that they are carrying.
Speak Your pet will say something if capable or make noise if they can't talk.
Stop Tells your pet to stop at that location.
Stay Useful only after the stop command is issued, stay prevents your pet from wandering around. Should be used as [all] stop and [all] stay to be effective.
Battle Orders [creature's name] Sets the automatic combat decisions for the pet while they are fighting. For fire-breathing pets (such as male dragons), you will have the option to turn on or off their fire breath. Fire breath is an area of effect spell. Note: there is no way of knowing which dragon is male or female until you have tamed and set their battle orders. For all other pets, sets their aggro attempt: pets will attempt to pull aggro from their opponent every 10 seconds.
Special Attacks A one-time only special attack using the pet's experience points. See the table below for a full list of attacks.

Battle Orders

All pets have the choice of extra abilities they can use in battle. The choices depend on the type of pet you have and your taming skill. In-game help is available in the menu.

Note: Attack Damage is amount of raw damage the pet does during one attack cycle. Raw damage is before any damage reduction items are calculated such as Armor Rating.

Ability Description
Firebreather Mostly limited to dragons. Sets firebreathing on, off or check area for other players first.
Spellcaster Mostly limited to dragons. Sets spellcasting on, off or check area for other players first.
Aggravate Options The pet will attempt to hold aggro on a single target or pull all hostiles within an area. They will attempt to pull aggro every 5-15 seconds. Pets are not always successful at holding aggro.
Bite Bites the current opponent for up to 50% attack damage.
Swipe Swipes at all opponents 2 tiles around pet for up to 25% attack damage.
Lunge Lunges at current opponent for up to 75% attack damage, slow timer
Swing Swings at all opponents 3 tiles around pet for up to 50% attack damage per target hit, slow timer.
Rancid Bite Poisons target with a normal or greater poison bite.
Lick Wounds Requires 100 Taming. Licks wounds on self and heals based on attack damage.
Double Bite Requires 110 Taming. Attacks twice, both up to 50% attack damage.
Fearless Roar Requires 120 Taming. Heals you for up to 65% attack damage.
Monstrous Bite Requires 130 Taming. Opponent bleeds for 15 seconds for up to full attack damage.

Special Attacks

Special attacks are a mixture of silly to powerful attacks your pet can do. Not all attacks are useful and some are meant to be silly but there are some attacks that can do a bit of damage. Each use costs 100 experience points. All attacks are based on the pet's taming skill... yes... those that require high taming skill can do some serious damage with special attacks.

Attack Description
kamekaze Runs towards the target and blows up, doing 5% of the pet's life in damage to all around the target.
flirt Attempts to flirt with all hostile monsters and calming them from attacking.
super saiyan Powers up over and over, healing itself in the process and stunning all hostile monsters.
kamehameha Casts a powerful flaming ball at an opponent.
chimichanga Casts 3 flaming balls to all hostiles around the pet.
dismount Attempts to headbutt its opponent and throw them off their mount.
toxic Breaks wind and grosses out everyone around it.
rend A powerful attack that attempts to rip the guts from all around it with each attack gaining in power up to 5x.
hammertime Attempts to hammer down those around it up to 5x.
barf Upchucks on its opponent up to 3x.
dookie Just gross and even worse if someone steps in it.
tantrum Throws a major tantrum, stomping the ground and causing a violent earthquake.
nutcracker What it says... also makes the target run slower.
evasive Attempts to evade attacks while healing.
spit Attempts to pull aggro on the target by, well, you read the attack name.
bond Bonds the master to the pet - as the pet takes damage, it heals based on the master's life while reducing the master's life.
psycho Attacks the target up to 5x with reckless abandon.

Taming List

This is a general guide only and not all tameable animals are listed.

There is a variance of about 10 skill points on most creatures. This means that at lower levels of taming you may get the chance to tame. However you will find it much more difficult and your chance of "enraging" the creature is much higher. For example, if you have 60 taming skill and the animal requires 70 skill, you will fail a lot, possibly angering him. Keeping your animal well-fed is important and if you are going to ride dangerous animals, you should ensure you have the appropriate food in your main backpack.

Creature Avg. Difficulty Food
Abyss Minion 135 veggie
Alligator 55 raw meat
Amazon War Horse 75 raw meat
Bird 5 veggie
Black Ant Devastator 120 veggie
Black Bear 55 raw meat
Blood Llama 60 raw meat
Blood Ostard 60 raw meat
Blood Steed 60 raw meat
Brown Bear 50 raw meat
Brute Minion 135 veggie
Bull 70 veggie
Bullfrog 10 veggie
Cat 20 raw meat
Chicken 10 veggie
Cloud Giant 105 raw meat
Cow 25 veggie
Cranky Minion 135 veggie
Dark Minion 135 veggie
Dark Ostard 60 veggie
Daemon Steed 95 raw meat
Deer 33 veggie
Desert Llama 60 veggie
Desert Ostard 55 veggie
Desert Steed 60 veggie
Dire Wolf 80 raw meat
Dog 1 raw meat
Dragon 95 raw meat
Drake 80 raw meat
Drow Steed 88 veggie
Dwarven Pony 88 veggie
Eagle 33 veggie
Elven Steed 88 veggie
Emerald Steed 60 veggie
Fey Steed 88 veggie
Fire Giant 105 raw meat
Fire Lizard 75 raw meat
Fire Ostard 55 veggie
Fire Steed 60 veggie
Forest Ostard 55 raw meat
Frost Drake 90 raw meat
Frost Giant 105 raw meat
Frost Wolf 70 raw meat
Gaman 75 raw meat
Giant Flaming Spider 75 raw meat
Giant Frost Spider 80 raw meat
Giant Rat 45 raw meat
Giant Rock Scorpion 80 raw meat
Giant Rock Spider 80 raw meat
Giant Scorpion 63 raw meat
Giant Serpent 80 raw meat
Giant Spider 60 raw meat
Goat 25 veggie
Golden Phoenix 60 veggie
Gorilla 40 veggie
Great Dragon 110 raw meat
Great Hart 60 veggie
Gremlin 55 raw meat
Grizzly Bear 57 raw meat
Grotty Minion 135 veggie
Grumpy Minion 135 veggie
Hellhound 77 raw meat
High Elf Steed 88 veggie
Hildisvini 62 raw meat
Hill Giant 105 raw meat
Horse 45 veggie
Howling Minion 135 veggie
Ibn'Najm 88 veggie
Imp 75 raw meat
Indigo Llama 60 veggie
Indigo Ostard 60 veggie
Indigo Steed 60 veggie
Lesser Wyrm 80 raw meat
Llama 47 veggie
Mongbat 47 raw meat
Nightmare 95 raw meat
Panther 62 raw meat
Phase Spider 77 raw meat
Pig 20 veggie
Polar Bear 57 raw meat
Praetorian War Ostard 65 raw meat
Purple Haze Ostard 60 veggie
Purple Haze Steed 60 veggie
Rabbit 5 veggie
Rat 17 any
Rock Lizard 75 raw meat
Royal Dragon 120 meat
Royal Fey Steed 88 veggie
Rune Beetle 130 veggie
Shabooli War Horse 70 raw meat
Scourge Minion 135 veggie
Sheep 20 veggie
Snake 15 raw meat
Snow Leopard 55 raw meat
Snow Pony 88 veggie
Storm Giant 105 raw meat
Sun Ostard 70 veggie
Swamp Steed 60 veggie
Tarn 60 veggie
Timber Wolf 60 raw meat
Toad Dragon 119 raw meat
Underdark Ostard 55 veggie
Vorpal Bunny 118 veggie
Walrus 50 raw meat
War Tarn 90 raw meat
Wolf 55 raw meat

A note on minions

There are 8 different types of minions and are differentiated by what they can cast. Their melee skills are roughly the same.

Minion Abilities
Abyss Minion Less damage but faster attack speed. Casts magic arrow and earthquake.
Brute Minion Casts lightning and stinging swarm.
Cranky Minion Casts energy bolt and flame strike.
Dark Minion Casts kill.
Grotty Minion An area of effect minion casting firefield, paralyzing field, energy field, poison field and frost field.
Grumpy Minion Casts fireball, fire strike, explosion and meteor storm.
Howling Minion Casts mindblast.
Scourge Minion Casts tidal wave and snowstorm.

A note on dragons Dragons come in two genders: male and female. Male dragons are firebreathers. Their fire breath is an area of effect attack and will attack all those around the dragon. Female dragons are spellcasters. They can cast a limited amount of spells depending on their spell list. You cannot tell the difference until the dragon is tamed and you set its battle orders. Options are available to turn on or off these attacks.

New Rideable Mounts

These mounts are not obtained by finding them in the wild. All are available through events, crafting or questing. The Unicorn and Kirin are only obtainable by special events or festival tokens. The Ethereals are available through festival prizes. The Warhorse is obtainable through crafting. The rest can be found during a guild event or while doing an event master. They will either spawn during the event or at the beginning of the event.

Creature Avg. Difficulty Food Restrictions
Ridgeback 75 raw meat
Savage Ridgeback 95 raw meat
Unicorn 80 veggie Only ridden by females and elves
Ethereal Ostard 70 raw meat
Ethereal Horse 45 veggie
Ethereal Llama 50 veggie
Giant Beetle 80 veggie
Skeletal Horse 80 raw meat Only ridden by Necromancers or 100 Necromancy skill
Kirin 80 veggie Only ridden by males
Swamp Dragon 80 veggie
Armored Swamp Dragon 80 veggie Place horse barding on a swamp dragon. Only ridden by Crusaders, Fighters, Knights or Paladins
Warhorse 80 veggie Armored horse which has more health than a normal horse
Chimera 80 veggie
Cu-Sidhe 80 veggie
Mondain's Steed 80 veggie
Hiryu 80 veggie
Tiger 100 raw meat Found during the Circus Event, "A Tiger Has Escaped The Pens" (circus events repeat while players are within the circus area)
Ancient Hell Hound 100 raw meat A reward from the Ragnarok Shard Quest

For more information about where to get these mounts, check the Mounts Guide