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To join and stay with our growing community you need to read, understand and agree to follow rules as presented below. You also agree to abide by any amendments or additional rules that may be included to the list below after you have received your account.

It is the player's responsibility to stay current with amendments and new rules.

The first is of utmost importance: HAVE FUN!

General Rules

  • We reserve the right to update and change the rules as needed.
  • This is a family shard. We have young players here. No lewd behavior in public will be tolerated.
  • No bad language above and beyond “Casual adult speak”. If you are swearing in anger, you are most likely making someone else feel uncomfortable. This includes abbreviations for known curse words.
  • Do not verbally insult or demean another player out of character. Be careful what you say in character.
  • No foul language, disrespect or any form of staff harassment by players will be tolerated.
  • No derision or degradation of any staff is allowed. This includes events and quest. If you do not like the event or quest, leave the area. Do not stand there complaining about it.
  • Exploiting bugs will not be tolerated. Report bugs immediately by paging under Bugs, posting on the forums or sending a private message to one of the forum moderators.
  • Player killings will not be tolerated outside of PVP areas.


  • One account per person. If you have more than one account, both accounts will be deleted. If you have others in your homes who share an IP, you will need to inform staff.
  • You can have up to five characters.
  • If you do NOT log into your account for 120 days, your characters and items will be deleted. If you know you are going to be away, you should send Lord Odin a private message and explain your situation.
  • If your account has been wiped out and you have returned after 120 days, you can page for starting gold. Starting gold is given once to an account not to each character.


  • You can not have God, Goddess, Lord or Lady as part of your name. Historical god and goddess names are reserved for staff.
  • Last names are first come, first served. If another player has the same last name, the newer player may be asked to have their name changed (for free).


  • Do not use text macros to keep from timing out.
  • Do not take things that do not belong to you, including items out of a house’s locked chest unless the chest/barrel/container is marked “free to all”. This includes and not limited to deco items used by staff. If it's looted by accident, page immediately. This is equal to stealing.
  • Do not use .afk around a group of players.
  • Do not page staff if you are not in trouble. We won’t teleport you to a safe place unless we see that we forgot something (stuck on an island with no teleport back, we will aid you at that point).
  • Before paging with a complaint about another person, try to resolve your issue, walk away from the situation and/or take a screen shot. Do not instigate or make the situation worse. If you have, you will be facing consequences as well.
  • Role Playing is encouraged but is not required. Please do not try to convince us that being rude or aggressive is role play.

Do NOT take things that do not belong to you!!

  • 1.) Do NOT tame animals inside someones house, stable, apartment or any other property belonging to another player without permission.
  • 2.) Do NOT enter someones home without permission even if the door is unlocked.
  • 3.) Do NOT take items out of another persons secure container, even if it is unlocked.

This is considered stealing. There will be consequences!


  • Only 8 henchmen per account.
  • Only 5 vendors per account.
  • Only 3 vendors per booth.
  • Do not keep pets and/or henchmen at your house if it causes lag. Simple rules to abide by: no more than 8 pets at a country home, no more than 4 pets at a town home and 1 or 2 at an apartment. Do not keep any pets in Folkvang.
  • Do not leave henchmen or pets in Asgard (including garden area), Folkvang or near any teleporters. They will be removed, placed in henchman jail or killed.


  • You may use a macroing program to automatically repeat a task but please do not set it to the maximum speed as it can lag the server. Please set the timeout to at least a few seconds. If we find you are lagging the server, we may move you to another spot or kick you from the server (no hard feelings). Our system uses a pay gold practicing system to raise skills and repetition will not cause it to raise quickly at higher levels.

Asgard, The Garden Area and Folkvang

  • No AFK macroing in Asgard or surrounding areas or sleeping for long periods of time.
  • No macroing at the palace, Asgard, or Folkvang.
  • Do not log out near the banks in Asgard, Folkvang or the garden area.
  • No area of effect spells, potions and items, offensive spells, field spells, explosion potions, molotovs are to be used in Folkvang, Asgard, Asgard Gardens or surrounding areas of Asgard. This includes casting spells on yourself. If it can cause damage to another player or yourself, don’t use it. Do not use area effect spells near players homes. Do not use wall of stone to block gates or teleports in these areas.
  • No Dueling in Asgard, Folkvang or surrounding areas. This includes the garden area.

Player Killing

  • No Player Killing outside of PVP areas will be tolerated.
  • First Offense is one week in jail.
  • If You res kill a player outside of a PVP area, you will be jailed for two weeks.
  • Second Offense Player killing, you will be stripped of all your possessions.
  • Third Offense you will be banned for 6 months.

Consequences for Breaking the Rules

Consequences are based on the GM who is giving out the punishment. Some may follow the steps below while others may go straight to warning and jail.

  • Warning
  • Given a task that fits the infraction
  • Jail
  • Deletion of a char and all of their items
  • Account wipe
  • Ban
  • You can expect staff to give you a hard time while in jail. All in good fun.