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All great things must come with an end (no, the shard is not ending, this is the quest synopsis). Loki, knowing that a great battle will eventually consume the gods, has attempted to speed up this event by convincing the gods that removing branches from Ygrigsill will be their salvation. If they give the branches to him, Loki hopes to be the sole survivor of the gods and rule of the remaining world. However, it has not gone unnoticed by Odin and he has tasked you personally to retrieve the branches back again so things can continue normally. Odin has enlisted the aid of Bear to be your guide through this quest. Bear is located at his bear cave in the Lost Valley (go to Valles and head South East towards the mountains/coast until you see a bridge heading into the mountain). Bear will inform you of what is going on and the Gods need your assistance in their preparations for Ragnarok.


There are 9 gods available but only 6 need to be completed. Find each of the gods within the valley and complete their quest line. Branches rewarded by the gods will only last a month (real time). If you lose a branch due to decay, you can complete another quest line, have a friend complete a quest and give you their branch or quit the quest and start over (say quit to any quest NPC).


Teleporters to the Land of the Gods can only be accessed while on the quest.


The map is fraught with danger. If you stand too close to a cliff, you could fall off! Always watch your step when approaching an edge.

Scenario Completions

Some quests are scenarios where you have a limited time to do a task. If you are doing this with another person, some quests will complete if everyone is near the questgivers when the quest is given out and they are on the same quest. Some scenarios are solo meaning if it is currently active, you will have to wait until that person has finished the scenario. All scenarios have a 1 hour limit and will automatically end with a failure if not completed.


Go back to Odin (go to Bear's cave, take the teleporter to the tree then head up the tree to Odin's heavenly palace).

Weapon Enhancements

Place this on the weapon of your choice for extra special abilities. Like the norse weapons that were activated once they were unsheathed, you may have to re-equip the weapon for it to activate. You will receive a message when it is activated. Once activated, it will stay activated until you resheath (unequip) the weapon or log off.

Deco Packs

Special never-before-seen items for your house including a functional lamp.


One of Hel's ancient hell hounds in a shrink form.

Spirit of the Gods

Keep this in your backpack and activate it and the little God will help you in a task. For those that help you in combat, you must be in warmode for it to activate. Each Spirit has 25 uses and will last until that character is logged off (or disconnected).