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Title: Assassin
Trained By: Barkeep, Provisioner

Allows you to poison most weapons - the higher your poisoning skill, the higher level of poison you can use. Certain bows can also be poisoned. Your skill in poisoning determines your chance of being successful in applying that poison.

Skill Poison Type
60 Regular
80 Greater
105 Deadly

To poison a weapon, you use your poison skill then you will be asked to select a poison potion or a weapon to check. If you select a poison potion, it will automatically apply the poison to your equipped weapon if it can be poisoned. You will receive a message whether you have succeeded or failed at poisoning the weapon. To check the strength of poison on a weapon, use your poison skill but instead target the weapon to check. You will be informed approximately how strong the poison is (blacksmithy will also tell you if an item if poisoned but not the strength).

When you hit an enemy with a poisoned weapon, a couple of things happen. First, your poisoning skill has a chance to increase if it is below your skillcap. This is typically most effective at the lower levels. Next, there is a chance the amount of poison on the weapon will be decreased. You may start out with a weapon with deadly poison on it but after a number of hits, it will be reduced to being greater then normal and so on until it wears off entirely. Last, the poison will continue working for awhile until they are able to cure it or it leaves their system. The higher the poison level, the harder it is to cure.

For each hit that you successfully poison your enemy with, you deal extra poison damage per hit. The amount of extra damage is based on the weapon's base damage and the poison type used. A poisoned halberd does more extra poison damage per hit than a poisoned dagger. When looking for your ideal weapon type, be sure to test your weapon damage with poison included. Not only are you looking for best damage to speed ratio, now you have to factor in poison too.

With each attack made with a poisoned weapon, a check is made of your poisoning skill compared to the level of poison on your weapon. If the poison level is much higher than your own poison skill, you will find that you tend to miss poisoning your target more. For example, if another person provides you with a deadly poison weapon and your poisoning skill is 60, you will find that with each swing, your chance to poison is lower and even though you will hit, you will not poison them. But when you do poison them, it will act as the poison level on your weapon.

Other notes on Poisoning

If you are poisoned, your stat regeneration rates are affected: hit points, stamina and mana will not regenerated at their normal levels (as adjusted by hunger) while you are poisoned.

Virtue is not affected by poisoning being a natural ingredient and nightshade freely growing in many gardens. Unlike other lands that penalize your virtue for applying and for every strike your blade does against an opponent, you will not lose any virtue for doing this here.