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Mail System

There are two ways to access your mail: using a Postmaster NPC (identified by their name of Postman or Postlady) or using the .mail dot command. The difference between them is the postmaster is cheaper to send mail. When using .mail, there is a convenience surcharge of 200gp to send the mail (mail fairies must travel to your location to pick up the mail and they do not work cheap). If you use a postmaster, the basic price drops to 100gp.

There are two text boxes to type into as each box as a maximum number of characters. The second box will be attached to the end of the first box when the mail is sent.

You can use basic HTML codes within your message, such as:

<b></b> bold text

<i></i> italic text

<br> line break

You must type the recipient's full name. If you are unsure if you have the correct name, click the blue diamond button by the To and it will check if there is a recipient by that name.

Ship an Item

If you want to ship an item along with your mail, simply target the item while it is in your backpack. You may ship items or containers such as backpacks or bags. There is a charge of 5gp per stone of weight to send up to a maximum of 1000gp. The cost is the same using the dot command or the postman.

Using C.O.D.

If you require payment for an item, a Cash on Delivery is available when using mail. Enter the amount of gold into the C.O.D. box that you want to be paid when the person accepts the item. When the item is sent, it is locked down in the recipient's bankbox so they can see what they are getting. If the recipient is satisfied, they can pay the amount and the item(s) are unlocked from their bank. If they do not want the shipment, they can clear the message and it will automatically be sent back to you. There is no fee for using this service.

Note: You cannot retrieve an item once it is sent until the mail expires in 30 days.

Expiry Dates

All mail lasts 30 days. If there is a shipped item attached to the mail, it will be sent back to the owner.

Old Courier Service

For those using the old courier system, it is still available on the Postmaster NPC. Simply drop your item or container on a postman and they will send it to the person of your choice for a small fee. It will be placed in a white box for easy identification in their bankbox.



All mail is defaulted to go to your bank. If you prefer, you can have it sent to your house mailbox instead. The mailbox must be located within your house's boundaries and can be at any of your houses.

Accept White Boxes

Toggle to accept or decline couriered (white box) deliveries from the mailman.

Accept Packages

Toggle to accept or decline shipped items through the mail system.