Magic Wands

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Creating magic wands requires tinkering, alchemy and inscription. Failure at any step in the following process will destroy the wand.

  • Step 1. Obtain a blank wand which can be crafted by a tinker or found as loot.
  • Step 2. Create the appropriate alchemy symbol that you want by using tinkerer tools on clay ingots. The icon that you use represents the spell that will be inscribed on the wand.

Tile Spell Gem
Summon Daemon alchemy symbol
Summon Daemon Ruby
Lightning alchemy symbol
Lightning Sapphire
Hellfire alchemy symbol
Hellfire [Flamestrike] Diamond
Meteor Storm alchemy symbol
Meteor Storm Star Sapphire
Healing alchemy symbol
Healing Amber
Protection alchemy symbol
Protection Citrine
Venom alchemy symbol
Venom [Poison] Amethyst
Magic Reflect alchemy symbol
Magic Reflect Sapphire
Resurrection alchemy symbol
Resurrection Emerald
Bless alchemy symbol
Bless Tourmaline
Fire Wall alchemy symbol
Fire Wall [Firefield] Emerald

  • Step 3. Charge the symbol by using a heating stand on the symbol. You will be asked to target the appropriate gem for that alchemy symbol (if you target a stack, it will only use one gem in the stack). The harder the spell, the more rare/expensive the gem will be and the more difficult it will be to succeed. When charged, the symbol will turn to a cool blue color.
  • Step 4. Use the inscription skill on the wand (by bringing up your skill book and clicking on the blue gem), target the charged symbol then target that same type of gem used to charge the symbol. There are two skill checks in this step - one for magery and one for inscription. If you fail at this point, the wand will be destroyed. If you succeed, you will continue to get a targeting cursor. Continue targeting the stack of gems, one at a time, until you either run out of gems or you fail inscribing the spell. Failure at this point means you are done and this is the number of charges the wand contains.

Notes on wands

  • Wands can not be recharged. When the wand hits zero charges, it will disintegrate.
  • While inscribing the wand, you get a random charge amount every time you target the gem and it succeeds. The amount you get depends on the gem type and type of wand being made but it is always more than 1 charge.
  • Each charge put on a wand makes it more difficult for further charges to be added. The rate at which the difficulty increases is dependant on the type of wand being made.
  • Using a wand will try to unequip your weapon and shield and equip the wand.
  • Wands have a short time delay between uses (2-5 seconds, depending the spell).
  • Wands act as though you have 100 magery and 100 invocation.
  • Wand's can be dyed with a dye tub.