Logging Out

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Please follow these rules about where and how you can log out.

  • You can log out anywhere in the lands of Valhalla, EXCEPT NEAR the main bank at Asgard. Logging out in the vicinity of the bank will result in severe punishment (either jail or being put in the bottom of a dungeon).
  • Henchmen left near the bank will be moved to henchmen jail (located in Asgard Sewers). It is your job to retrieve them.
  • If you log out near Asgard Gardens with pets or henchmen, they will be moved to behind the gardens. Follow the castle wall west to the water to find them.
  • Please do not log out near teleporters.

Logging back in with another character after logging out...

  • There is a time delay to logging out. If you are near hostiles, your character will stay in the game for 60 seconds after you log out. If you die within those 60 seconds, you will likely come back as a ghost next time you log in. If you are knocked out, you can collect your items but if you deathcry while logged out, you may lose your stuff. If there are no hostiles present, you will stay in the game for 30 seconds after you log out.
  • You cannot log out and immediately come back and log in a different character. Please wait the given time above before re-logging with a different character.

If you are having problems logging back in...

If there is a lot of items around your log in position, you may be black holing (term given that the client is crashing). There are some steps you can take before paging to be moved:

  • Log in as usual then close the client and log in again quickly.
  • Turn off all light sources (candles, lights, lanterns, etc) and try logging back in again.
  • Log on with another character and use the .blackhole dot command. All your characters will be moved to the gates of Asgard.
  • If none of these work, log in with another character and page to be moved. You will be moved to Asgard Gardens when a GM is available.

Setting a log out clone...

In the .options dot command, you can leave a clone of yourself to walk around the area after you have logged out. This is a per character option and must be set for each of your characters. You can also set up some lines of speech for them. They will say these lines at random times whenever a person comes near them. You can also set up a default greeting under the .spec dot command.

If you log out in or near Asgard or Folkvang, your clone will automatically be moved to a random town. If you try to drag your clone back to Asgard, they will be put on display by the gallows... naked.