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Trained By: Bard

There are two uses for leadership: hiring henchmen and taunting.

Henchmen are warriors that will work for you, obeying your commands as if they were your pets. Your level of skill in leadership will determine the level of the henchmen's skill and stats. The skill and stats of a henchmen are also determined by your own skill and stats. Your leadership skill will be the maximum that your henchman will be able to obtain in stats, and the maximum skill that your henchmen will start with. Henchmen will be able to increase their skills beyond your leadership by using them, but not their stats.

For more information, read the dedicated henchmen section.

The other use for the skill is to taunt. This is useful for when you want the monster who is attacking someone else to attack you instead. To taunt, use the leadership skill on the monster. If successful, you will insult the monster to attack you. You cannot taunt a monster to attack another monster. If using a macro, select discordance from the skill list.