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Title: Scribe
Trained By: Alchemist, Apothecary, Mage

  • Tools needed: pen and ink or feathered quill

Scribes provide mage scrolls by scribing their magical incantations on parchment. Parchment can only be made by a lumberjack from cured hides. Creating a scroll does not take any reagents but does require mana. Casting from a scroll is faster than casting from a spellbook. You cast right away as you read the power words when using a scroll whereas a spellbook requires you to complete the power words then the spell is cast.

There are two different levels of parchment, each corresponding to the level of cured hide made by the lumberjack: light parchment and heavy parchment.

Parchment Spell Circle Bonus
light parchment circle 1-8 none
heavy parchment circle 1-8 1/3 faster speed

When it is time to inscribe your scrolls, simply double-click the parchment and a choice of the 8 circles then 8 spells available within each circle. You must have the spell in your spellbook to scribe the parchment. If you are not sure what the icon for the spell is, check your spellbook before starting the inscription process. It is also important to note that scrolls are not produced as quickly here as they may be in other worlds.

Creating scrolls require mana and feathered quill (made by the alchemist) or pen and ink (found in treasure chest loot). As you create scrolls, your mana will slowly be depleted as you infuse magic onto the scroll and the ink level will go down until it runs dry.

You will continue to scribe scrolls until one of several events happen: you run out of mana, you run out of parchment, your ink runs dry, you move from your current location or you are attacked.

To create a spellbook, you must first create/find the scroll then simply drop it on top of the spellbook (available from NPC mages and scribes). It will be carefully placed inside and ready to be used anytime. There is no skillcheck for placing a scroll into a spellbook - anyone can do it. Once a scroll is in the spellbook, it may be cast many times as long as the reagents are available.

The skill required to make a scroll is the (circle * 10) + 10. Thus, a circle 8 scroll will require 90 inscription to make.

If you are a tradeskill scribe, you will have a small chance of gaining experience through insight as you create the scrolls

Quick Guide To Inscription

Inscription on Valhalla uses several skills and raw materials to create parchment to turn into magic scrolls.

  • Items needed are: the stretching frame (made by carpenters [35 skill]),cured hides (made by lumberjacks, two types [various skill levels]),fish oil (made by alchemists, two types [60 and 85 skill]) and a feathered quill (made by alchemists [95 skill]).
  • Raw materials needed are: hides.

Step 1. Hides -> Cured Hides [stretching frame]

Hides are turned into either light or heavy cured hides by the lumberjack (depending on the quality of the hide) using a stretching frame. Stretching frames can typically make around 1000 cured hides before breaking.

Step 2. Cured Hides -> Parchment [fish oil]

Cured hides are turned into light or heavy parchments by the lumberjack using fish oils. The only difference in fish oils is the amount of parchments they will make - 500 for the cheap fish oil and 2000 for the enriched fish oil.

Step 3. Scribing Spells [feathered quill]

Use the parchment to scribe a magic scroll. Light parchments can do circles 1 to 4 while heavy parchments can do circles 1 to 8. You will require a feathered quill (made by the alchemist) or a pen and ink (found by treasure hunters) in your backpack. Any quill or ink has around 1000 uses but the tradeskill scribe can extend the uses through their efficiency.

Step 3a. Mana Requirement

While scribing magic scrolls, you will also require a small bit of mana - the higher the circle, the more mana will be required.

  • Tip: There are different ways to keep your mana up while scribing - an aura, campfires or standing beside a fireplace and feeding it logs. If using a fireplace, the type of log you burn determines how long the fire lasts up to 2 minutes.

Scroll Masterpiece

If you have masterpiece turned on, you will have a small chance of making a masterpiece scroll while crafting. Masterpieces allow you to name the scroll and when used, will produce interesting effects. If you do not want the masterpiece to be used, lock it down in your house.

Using Scrolls

Scrolls require magery to cast.

Scrolls have advantages over spells over their quicker cast times. When casting a spell from the spellbook, you must first chant the words then weave the magic. Scrolls are cast nearly immediately upon reading the words of power thus having a shorter delay in casting. In addition, scrolls require less magery skill to cast - 10 fewer points.

success = [(circle + 1) x 11] - 10

For example, to cast gate travel (a 7th circle spell), it would take 88 magery to cast. The +/- 10 system is in effect so you need at least 78 magery for a high failure rate to 98 for mostly successful. When using scrolls, the mean number is reduced to 78 and the +/- 10 means you can gate at 68 magery (although you will still have a high failure rate at 68).

Necromancy Scrolls

Unlike the mage's spellbook, necromancer scrolls must be inscribed into the Codex Damnorum. This infernal tome can be found on loot from various monsters including mages, necromancers (for more on this, check the necromancy section). Once you have found a necromancer scroll (identified as being red), you will need a scribe to put it into the codex for you. Use the inscription skill from your skillbook, target the scroll then the codex. There is both a magery and inscription skillcheck. If you succeed, the spell will be scribed into the codex but if you fail, the scroll is destroyed forever. Only grandmaster scribes are the only ones able to inscribe necromancy scrolls into the Codex Damnorum with impunity.

Note: necromancey scrolls cannot be made - only found as loot.

Necromancy scrolls are always identified as being red and will not sell along with your loot. No respectable merchant would want to buy them.

Rune Books

Runebooks can be bought from a NPC scribe but can only be used for gate travel, either from scroll or spell. To add a rune to the rune book, click on the add button in the book then target the marked rune that you want to add. If you pass an inscription skillcheck, the rune will be added to the book. If you fail, the rune will be destroyed.


Blank scrolls (bought at the scribe vendor) can be used to make notes that can be read by anyone. These notes can be read by anyone but have a limited life unless locked down at your house. You will need a feathered quill or a pen and ink to write the note.

Scribing Magic Wands

Inscription is also used when making magic wands as the last process infusing the number of charges into the wand. For more information, please read Magic Wands.