Identifying Magics

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As you go hunting, you will eventually come across items named a magic <item> [such as a magic halberd or a magic doublet] or a magic wand. To identify what these magics are, you will need magery. If your magery is high enough, you can use it to identify the item's true nature (bring up your skill book, click the blue dot beside magery and target the magic item).

Prefix Added to skill
fine +2 to skill
durable +4 to skill
rugged +6 to skill
tempered +8 to skill
indestructable +10 to skill

The item prefix refers to two properties for the item. First, the item will provide a 'buff' if there is a suffix to the item. For example, a fine skirt of parry will provide +2 to parry. Second, the prefix also refers to the hardiness of the item. A tempered skirt will last longer than a fine skirt and require a longer time in-between repairs.

Suffix Add to armor rating
of defense +2 to armor
of guarding +4 to armor
of protection +6 to armor
of fortification +8 to armor
of invulnerability +10 to armor

Magic armor gives a bonus above the armor's base rating, readjusted to the item's maximum cap for that slot. For example, the gorget slot has a maximum of 1 armor rating so even a gorget of invulnerability, which would give +10 to armor, cannot pass the 1 cap.

Suffix Add to damage
of quality +1 to damage
of might +2 to damage
of maiming +3 to damage
of power +4 to damage
of destruction +5 to damage

note: of quality is different to a quality item made by a crafter