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Get Character Elemental Bonuses

Getting character elemental bonuses requires a quest.

Find a Rod of Divination. Search for noids around beaches on Valhalla and their summer resort island: Noid Island (a teleporter can be found near the Zarkesh docks). The only beach you won't find many is Asgard Beach as it is too well-patrolled.

Travel to the Uppsala temple in Lost Realms and give a gift to the Oracle. Place in a basket: the Rod of Divination, 3 masterpiece items from different trades and 30K gold. Drop the basket onto the Oracle. He will give you an elemental token.

Take the token to the Sage at Misty Mountains in Dire Forest on Valhalla and give it to him. He will offer you a menu a la carte of elemental bonuses to choose.

Note: You can offer a bribe in the form of more gold. Each 10,000gp gives a 10% chance of receiving an extra token or elemental hammer. Giving 100,000 gold guarantees you another token. You can give up to 200,000 gold extra in bribes for a total of 3 tokens total.

A full explanation can be found at Specialized_NPCs#The_Oracle

Make a Weapon Elemental

Obtain an Elemental Hammer either by doing bulk order deeds for tailoring, mining or blacksmithy or by a special questmaster.

Obtain a cold, fire, energy, physical or poison elemental gem either by harvesting or grinding ore with the extractor.

Use the Elemental Hammer on the weapon of your choice. Each hammer gets 3 charges. Each weapon can be charged up to 40% (8x used). For each charge on the weapon is that failure chance (if you have 10% fire damage, your chance to fail is 10%).

Make a Death Crystal

You require to know some alchemy, carpentry, cooking, lumberjacking, and tinkering.

Collect the following items: a crystal vial, a kettle, 50 ent heartwoods, 25 reaper heartwoods, 50 dragon bloods and the teardrop of winter from the Frost Lily.

Use the crystal vial to begin the process.

When you have made the crystal, you will have to infuse 10,000 experience points into it to activate it.

If you fail at any point in the process, your teardrop and other ingredients will be used up.

Travel Between Realms

To travel between realms, you need to find a stargate and a gate crystal to power it. To gain a gate crystal, there is a quest north of Asgard (in the clearing north of the graveyard near the mountains). Complete the quest and follow all instructions to gain the crystal. Now that you have the crystal, you need to find a stargate. A full explanation can be found at Travel_System#Stargate about the locations of the stargates.