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Title: Healer
Trained By: Apothecary, Baker, Barkeep, Bowyer, Leatherworker, Provisioner, Tailor

This skill uses bandages to heal wounds. It can be done at anytime even in the middle of combat although there is the possibility of interruption.

Why take healing instead of buying potions? Actually, the two compliment each other. You slap on a bandage and while you are waiting to heal, drink a potion for a double healing whammy. In addition, healing can be used on other people. If your hunting partner or pet is wounded, you can heal him while he tries to heal himself. Healing is also much more efficient cost-wise. One greater heal will cost 60 gold and heal around 40 health. For the same amount of gold, you could buy 20 bandages with each one capable of healing an average of 40 health.

However, there are times when healing can't do anything. Sometimes your health will drop low enough that you fail the skill check on each attempt. The skill check is based on the amount of damage that you or the person you are trying to heal has taken. Or you may need to heal quickly. It is in these situations that potions really shine. A potion is used as quickly as you double-click it and requires no skill. It is a good idea to carry both potions and bandages. Use the bandages most of the time but use the potions if your life is in danger.

When you slap on a bandage, you have to wait to heal the damage. The timer is 20 seconds when just healing yourself and 15 seconds if you are healing someone else. High anatomy skills will shorten the healing time. The difficulty is based on the amount of damage your target has taken. The more damage that the patient has taken, the harder it is to heal. Also, if you are in combat and you get hit, a dexterity check is made to see if your fingers slip. If your fingers slip, the healing difficulty is slightly increased for each occurrence. The amount of damage that you can heal is based on your Healing and Anatomy skills. The Table below shows how the average number of points heals based on skill levels:

Healing Anatomy Avg. Damage Healed
60 0 22
60 60 38
80 60 49
80 80 49
100 80 55
100 100 60

Please keep in mind that the above table only shows the average amount of damage that you can heal. The actual amount of damage that will be healed with a successful skill check is randomly determined.

Use of the healing skill also allows you to cure poison. Whether you slap a bandage on yourself manually or use a dot command, you will attempt to cure poison and heal actual damage at the same time. There are two skill checks when you are poisoned: one for damage and one to cure. It is possible to pass either, both or neither of the checks. This means you can cure yourself and not recover the damage, heal the damage and not cure yourself, cure the poison and heal the damage or stay poisoned and not heal damage.

It is also possible to heal tamed creatures with bandages. If the person doing the healing isn't the pet's master, the master has to be online and within 10 paces of the animal or else the pet will be too nervous to allow strangers to heal it. Summoned pets cannot be healed this way.