Guild Events

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Guild Events

Guild events are special events that only the guild can partake in. To activate a guild event, guild members must first donate items to the guild stone for points. Once the required number of points has been reached, any guild member can activate the event for special prizes.

To see which items are accepted, check the guild events menu on the guildstone. To donate an item, simply target the item you wish to donate. Stacks of items will have their points adjusted accordingly. When you have enough points, you will then have a menu to choose which event you wish to enter.

Guild Events often have several rare prizes for rewards. Many events will also have a chance to spawn a rare steed. They can spawn during the event which you will have to quickly tame one while the event is running to save its life or else risk it getting killed. Some events when they have ended will spawn or give a stable ticket as the prize. It is your responsibility to find and keep these steeds safe until the event is over. Some events will remove you from the area once the event is over. If you can not tame the steed before being forced from the area, the steed will be lost to you.

All events have a maximum time of one hour plus 30 minutes for the boss. After the hour is up, the event will end and everyone will be sent home. If you reach the boss, you will be given an extra 30 minutes to kill the boss.

  • There is no minimum number of guild members needed for an event.
  • If an event takes place in a special area and another guild is doing the event, you will have to wait until it is over.
  • There is no repeating an event if you fail.
  • All events, except for the search events, have a resurrection gate nearby.
  • You have one hour for each event, unless otherwise noted and some events give you another 30 minutes when the boss spawns.
  • Even though you can finish some events quickly, you may want to wait. Items are placed on various monsters as they spawn, not just the leader or boss. And all events that spawn special steeds will spawn them some time during the hour - they do not spawn right away when the event starts.
  • It is your responsibility to tame the steed before leaving the area. Some events force you to leave the area after the event is over. If you do not tame the steed before then, it is lost to you. Most steeds can be tamed with an average of 80 so bring a taming buff with you if you are not a tamer.

Search Events

300 crates will spawn in the desert. You have 5 minutes to open them.

  • Rare prizes include special deco, bonsai trees, relic of masterpieces and special coloring tickets.

Dungeon Events

A special dungeon is set up for only your guild. You have one hour to adventure through this dungeon. Monsters can drop a variety of special items. The harder the dungeon, the better the rewards.

  • Rare prizes include special deco, bonsai trees and special tickets.

Arena Events

You are sent to a special arena with no way out. Waves and waves of monsters will rush towards you trying to knock you out. As the monsters get harder, the chance of them dropping a prize increases. If you can reach the boss, you're guaranteed a prize. If everyone is knocked out at the same time, the event will end.

  • The Arena gives out special bone deco and bone armor not found anywhere else.

Invasion Events

An area is being invaded by dozens of monsters. You must continue killing the invaders as more spawn around you. If the area reaches a certain number of invaders, the area will be considered overrun and you will lose lose the event. Some invaders will drop minor prizes. Some areas may be extremely dangerous to use exploding potions as well.

  • Rare prizes include special deco, relics and special mounts.

Protection Events

You must protect a special NPC until the waves of monsters ends. When all the monsters have been wiped out, the boss will appear and try to kill the protected NPC. Even though you can keep the protected NPC safe in a corner somewhere and wait out the 1 hour, the best prizes will drop from the boss and minor prizes will drop from various monsters. Monsters will tend to spawn fairly close to the NPC so keep an eye out!

  • Rare prizes include special deco, relics, named weapons and special mounts.

War Events

An army has been dispatched to clear out an area. It is your job to keep everyone in that army alive while waves of monsters spawn around them. Monsters will spawn everywhere, near them or in other areas so you will have to go find them and kill them all. Prizes are based on how many in the army survive at the end.

  • Rare prizes include special deco, relics, named weapons and special mounts.

Speed Events

Are you the hero you tell everyone you are? If so... prove it by clearing out a dungeon as fast as you can. You will be transported to the dungeon entrance and a timer will tell you when there are 25% monsters left. No other hints will be given and you have one hour total. Prizes are given out depending how fast you finish the dungeon starting at 30 minutes.

  • Rare prizes include weapon/armor/jewelry color deeds, a special colored shrink, Ring of Quickness (+15 Dex), Odin Bucks and special tickets redeemable at a variety of NPCs.
  • The top three fastest times will appear on the shield at the Master Guild Hall at Folkvang.
  • The same guild cannot claim the gold prize if they are currently at the top spot.
  • The times will reset every 30 days.

Guild vs Event Masters

More fun with a group of people.

More prizes given out: usually on monsters, the final boss and you can receive up to 4 prizes for completing the event on time. Event masters tend to just give one prize at the end.

Bigger pool of prizes. Some guild events give special prizes not found anywhere else such as receiving a legendary sword.

Up to 4x the chance of receiving a special mount compared to event masters.

Some guild events may give out special mounts as tickets instead of having to tame them.