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Client Issues

Q. I can't see other people talking.

A. Go into your UO directory and find a file called transerv.exe then either rename it (if you are playing on other shards) or delete it (if you are only playing on Valhalla, it is safe to delete).

Q. UO crashes whenever I try to set macros.

A. This happens when running Vista due to the UOML folder being read only. Open Windows Explorer and find your UO folder. Right-click the folder, select properties and make sure read only is not checked. You may also have to click on the advanced button and select archive.

Q. UO crashes when I go to Folkvang.

A. This happens due to our huge custom art index (we have 1000+ custom items) and using a different version of Ultima Online. For best results, download Mondain's Legacy in the Required Files section. It can handle our art files better.

Q. I can't log onto Valhalla but I know it is up because my friend is on.

A. Sometimes you will not be able to log on due to blackholing, a term referred to when something is causing the client to crash during the log in sequence. There are a few ways that may work.

  • Go onto another character login then log back out,wait till the character times out then try logging in the stuck one.
  • Or have a friend come on and page to have your character moved. Make sure you put which character it is in the page.
  • If a GM is not on, you can have another character log on, go to where you are blackholing and either: ask politely that everyone move away one screen if there is a crowd or if it is in your house, turn off all candles and torches.
  • If neither of these works, sometimes you can try to re-log in quickly. Log in and when the client crashes, quickly close the client window and log in again.

Q. I keep running into invisible walls - what is wrong?

A. You need to update Valhalla's map files. Go to the Required Files section and download either (the entire client again) or (just the map files).

Q. I accidentally hit something on the keyboard and now UO is full screen! How do I get it back to a window?

A. Alt-Enter.

Q. I play window mode and when I log on, the window doesn't show but I can see it on the taskbar. Clicking on it does nothing. What is happening?

A. Log out (right click on the taskbar to close the window). Go into your UO\desktop folder and find the folder name of that character. Delete it. Log in again and all should be fine.


Q. How do I change my speech/emote color?

A. Open your options [Alt-O], click on the icon on the right side that looks like an eye [second one from the top], scroll down and click on speech color or emote color. Test it out a few times and make sure it is legible in the journal.

Q. How do I emote?

A. Use the colon followed by a space [: ] and you will see Emote: at the bottom of your screen. Alternatively, you can also express yourself using the dot command .e (use .e help for more information).

Q. I'm a drow - where can I get my hair pure white?

A. Go to the barber. They have specials for drow to make their hair pure white.


Q. When I duel, I get a message, "This may flag you criminal!". Is there a way to turn it off?

A. Open your options [Alt-O], click on the icon on the right side that looks like a man inside a triangle (middle one) and make sure Query before performing criminal actions is unchecked.

Game Items & Issues

Q. Can I be a GM?
A. No.

Q. How do I know what an item does?

A. Use your magery skill to ID the item. If available, there will be a small explanation what the item does.

Q. How do I get a snowball?

A. There are two types of snowballs. Permanent snowballs are handed out by GMs during special events. These are considered special items so please do not page to get one. The second is one you make yourself which you will need a tailor to make you wooly mittens so you can pick up snow.

Q. I locked down my chest but I can't use it - why not?

A. You must secure a container by saying, I wish to secure this. Only the owner and friends of the house can remove items top level but anything in a bag can be removed by anyone.

Q. My Christmas present container opens small and I can not see anything in it. How do I fix that?

A. You can download a fix in which will let you see the inside of the container. Alternatively, if you do not want to install the files, you can use .dump to move all contents to another container.

Q. How do I buy a house - it keeps saying I have too many houses!

A. Valhalla uses a house registry system. Players can own 2 houses under 10,000gp (houses fitting this category are apartments priced at 5,000gp and vendor houses priced at 10,000gp), one house within a town's limits (some houses are outside of the town's limits and are classified as the 4th type) and a country house (any large house not fitting the first three descriptions). When you are ready to buy a house, simply use the sign and accept.

Q. How do I repair bone armor?

A. The sewing kit is used to repair bone armor.