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Fairy Tales characters... you always thought they lived in books. But now, a bibliophile has uncovered the magic to gaining entry to these fantastical stories. This quest delves into the books of some of these characters.


Fairy Tales is a linear, self-contained quest based on fairy tales characters. It consists of two parts: the main quest and a side quest which involves going down different paths to collect items for a greater prize.


You can find Professor Barrie at the Rimstone Abbey Library (not the Great Library under Rimstone Abbey). He is an expert in Fairy Tales characters and has spent his life understanding what makes the characters tick. Due to some ancient magics, he has found a way to enter the books and interact with the characters. But not is well in the fairy tales land and it seems the stories have taken a dark, twisted turn.

  • All NPCs require spoken/text interaction.

Quest Completion

The first half of the quest requires looting items from monster kills. All items have a three day life so make sure you return them right away. If you require to go back to an area, the book you are given only teleports you once. You will have to find your own way back again if you need to get another head. Use the book first to ensure the monster has spawned for you.

The second half requires returning the head of the fallen enemy. They will not take preserved heads.


Do not look at the walk-through unless you are really stuck or you want spoilers.

Fairy Tales Walk-through


You may choose 1 from the ticket section and 1 from the prize section. Major prizes include special jewelry with higher than magic jewelry and specially-colored statues. Grand prizes include named clothing items and unique usables.


All the battle cries of the bosses are quotes from their respective books.

Written and designed by Galdor Saralonde.