Delling's Tarot Game

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  • If you cannot pay your bet, you are to leave the table and forfeit all money in the pot.
  • Starting with the dealer, players take turns pulling cards off of the deck. Play moves around the table clockwise.
  • The circle continues, and bets continue, until a winner is drawn. At that time, all money in the pot is divided up between winners.
  • If everyone in the game picks a 'lovers' card before the round is over, the pot is divided evenly.
  • Each new round is started with every player putting in a 1000 gold ante.
  • The dealer will prime the pot with 30k


Judgement - Wins the hand. Split pot with anyone who pulled 'lovers'. This round is over.

Lovers - Split winnings with whoever pulls Judgement.

Death - You are out! All money is forfeited and you must stand from the table until the next game.

World - Player bets the total pot.

Tower - Player bets half the total pot.

Hanged Man - Double the last single bet. You may have to allow the dealer time to scroll up the journal and find it.

Chariot - Draw two cards, do them both in order. If you draw a chariot during these two cards, ignore it, but it still counts as one of your draws.

Justice - Draw again, but you do not have to pay any gold, despite what you draw.

Temperance - Pick a player. They have to Give 2000.

Hermit - Take 100.

High Priestess - Take 300.

Magician - Take 500.

Page - Take 1000.

Knight - Take 1500.

Queen - Take 2500.

King - Take 5000.

Air - Give 100.

Water - Give 500.

Earth - Give 1000.

Fire - Give 2000.

Moon - Give 3000.

Star - Give 5000.

Sun - Give 7500.

Wheel of Fortune - All players Take 2000.

Strength - All players Give 2000.

Devil - All players EXCEPT YOU Give 2000.