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Your class determines how much of each skill your character will be able to learn. In addition to the short description provided for each class, clicking on the class's name will provide a list of primary skills, secondary skills and weapon/armor limitations for the class. Your special skill is the skill that your character excels at and can go to 135 is it is specialized in a primary slot. Primary skills are skills that your character will be able to earn 95 (not specialized) or 120 (specialized) skill. Secondary skills are able to earn up to 75 (not specialized) or 80 (specialized). All other skills not mentioned can go up to 60 points. All skills classified as a tradeskill can be placed in any slot but they will only go to 100 points if placed in primary.

Some classes get an extra bonus while in combat. Fighters, Knights, Paladins, Clerics and Priests that are wearing mostly chain or plate will get a bonus damage reduction.

When changing classes, you cannot change to the Crusader, Revenant or Spellweaver from another class. You must restart as the Disciple to change to this class. However, if you are already a Crusader, Revenant or Spellweaver, you can change to another one of those classes (for example, if you are a Crusader, you can change to a Spellweaver). This can be done through the character creation gate or visiting the appropriate trainer and asking to defect (which is free).


Assassins are masters of hiding and using stealth with also a little skill in stealing. They have high damage and the ability to use deadly poison but they are unable to wear a lot of armor. They have lower end magery, but will be able to cast from scrolls with a bonus.


The bard on Valhalla is a well-blended adventuring class. While a bard can only truly master the art of music (and breaking into things), he is well above average in all of the combat skills and magery as well.


In combat, clerics and priests could be compared to a tank mage. They can wear strong armor and are masters of both the mace and the spell book. Furthermore, they are unparalleled in the healing arts. The primary difference between priests and clerics is the way that they are role-played. The Cleric is a virtue follower while the Priest tends to focus more on a divinity.


The Crusader is a fighter who excels at combat wielding either a 2H weapon or weapon and shield. In addition, they have their own spellbook with spells that can be cast while holding a weapon. To become a Crusader, you start as a Disciple and complete your training through a Crusader Trainer.


The Disciple is the precursor to having a Crusader, Revenant or Spellweaver. When you first start as a disciple in the Hall of Heroes and you exit through the gate, instead of going to Valhalla, you are taken to the mysterious island of Nazireth. You will learn about why you were not welcome in Valhalla. But not all is lost as the Masters on the island have found a possible way to Valhalla.


The nukers of the game, designed for massive spell damage but quite fragile. These classes need to learn to stay out of the way, letting their skill in magery do the trick while letting better suited warriors hold off their targets.

Druidry and Necromancy are directly-opposing schools of magic. The use of one will always detract from the other.


The fighter is a master of all forms of physical combat. Fighters can do everything - Archery, Fencing, Macefighting, Swordsmanship and Wrestling. They are also above average healers and tamers.


Second in combat skills only to the fighter, a knight is a warrior to be reckoned with. In addition to superb hand-to-hand skills, knights are the most respected leaders in the land.


Mages understand their art better than anyone else, including necromancers and druids. In addition to being only class that can use every spell in the regular spellbook, they can also reach a higher skill level in magery than anyone else. Mages may also master a weapon, are one of only two classes that can grandmaster alchemy and are above average healers.


The Monk has a full understand of using only their hands as weapons and where to strike which will do the most damage. Although they can use a 1-handed weapon, they do their bests when they are fighting with their fists. They are the class that deals the most damage but they also have the lowest armor rating They are unable to wear even a full set of the lowest type of armor but they have high evades allowing them to dodge many attacks. They have good healing and some magery knowledge.


Once the domain of the gargoyles, mysticism can be learned by any race. The Mystic uses a variety of powerful spells to take down their opponents.


The Ninja is a master of the dual weaponry and have their own ninjitsu book. They are a cross between the assassin and the monk with their hiding techniques and crowd damaging abilities. However, they have nearly no mage spells and a small amount of abilities. A hardcore character class, you must undergo special ninjitsu training from a specialized ninjitsu trainer at Zento to become a ninja.


The paladin is the premiere religious fighter with strong healing in addition to some magery and meditation (may have a limited spell book but is able to cast from all scrolls). The Paladin's focus is first on battle then on healing. They don’t get as high a skill in leadership as the knight or as much healing as the cleric but are a very strong class all around.


A ranger is the premiere archer, supported by taming, magery and either necromancy or druidry. In addition, the ranger has some unique abilities to track, point and restore a weary group.


The Revenant uses their knowledge of death and decay to achieve great power in their spells. They are able to cast from their spellbook with weapons. A hardcore character class, you start as a Disciple and complete your training through a Revenant Trainer.


The thief is not a great group player but between their locking picking skills and limited bard songs, they should be welcome in a group. Give a thief mining and cartography and you will have an awesome treasure hunter.


The Spellweaver uses their knowledge of the natural order of things to achieve great power in their spells. They are able to cast from their spellbook with weapons and gain more power with more Spellweavers around. A hardcore character class, you start as a Disciple and complete your training through a Spellweaver Trainer.


The traditional tamer of UO but with decent magery and excellent healing for both people and pets.