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All character changes are handled by |The Registrar, located in the Hall of Administration, City of Asgard. For a nominal fee, they will send you back to the Character Creation Room in the Hall of Heroes. New players under 5 hours receive free services.

Name change: 25,000 gold.

Class change: 50,000 gold.

Race change: 50,000 gold.

Class or Race Change

The skill stone is no longer used as increasing skill points have been exponentially increased. You no longer have to be online for skills to increase through practicing; instead, you can log out at an Inn for offline skill gain (at a slower rate versus being online).

After you make a class change and you are not a new character, you will be given a special skill stone. This stone will store your previous primary and secondary skill points. When you have made any changes to your skill specs, you can then use the stone to reallocate points back to your primary and secondary skills. This will restore most of your points that you have previously trained. The stone is only good for up to one hour after the change and will disintegrate after the time period has elapsed.

  • The skill stone does not reallocate stat points - they are reset given the base values shown in the .spec menu.
  • The skill stone may not allocate all points back to you. If there are extra points leftover, such as already maxing out your available room, they will be lost.
  • There are three pools of points: special, primary and secondary skills.
  • Your special skill points are allocated to your new special skill first. Any leftover is added to the primary pool.
  • Your primary skill points are allocated to your new primary skills based on weighted average. Each skill is allocated 1 point, looping, until all points are gone. There is the possibility it will not max out any one skill.
  • Your secondary skill points are allocated to your new secondary skills. The same weighted average described above is used her.
  • There is no reallocation for the tradeskill.
  • There is no guarantee all skill points will be used.
  • Any skills not at cap will have to be practiced again.