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Title: Outdoorsman
Trained By: Baker, Bowyer, Beekeeper, Butcher, Decorator, Farmer, Fisherman, Ranger, Shipwright

Campfires that are lit by a skilled camper will increase the health, stamina and mana recovery rate for everyone nearby. The more skilled the camper is, the faster the recovery rate will be. You get no additional benefits from having a single camper light multiple fires nor from multiple campers all striking camp at the same time. The first person to create the campfire will be the one everyone uses even if a higher skilled camper successfully makes a better campfire.

If the camp is disturbed, there will be no more benefit to having the fire. A camp is disturbed when any of the campers are attacked or someone in war mode happens too close.

When making a fire, the message "that's not a very good fire" tells you that you're not getting any benefit from it. If you pass your skillcheck, you will get a different message that says "Now that's a fire!". You don't have to pass the skill check in order to cook on the fire but if you fail you won't gain any regenerative benefits from the poorly-made fire.

Skill Stats Gained
1 - 40 1 point per tick
41 - 60 3 points per tick
61 - 80 5 points per tick
81 - 100 7 points per tick