Cage of Death

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Cage of Death is a player-vs-player event.

The Cage of Death has two parts. The first part is a qualifying round. You will have to fight against 3 levels of NPCs to prove your worthiness to fight against another player. You must kill each succession of fighter to advance to the next level. Depending on how many entries there are, this event may be split over two days.


  • Please clean out your backpacks.
  • Do not bring rides to this event.
  • You are not allowed to receive or give other players buffs.
  • Do not buff before arriving at the cages.
  • A supply bag will be provided that includes reagents for all classes, bandages, kindling, heal, refreshes, cure and poisons.
  • You will be allowed to wear your own armor, and clothing. You can bring more than one weapon or shield with you but, no LE or charged items.
  • No wands allowed except for buffing.
  • No charged items.
  • No potions
  • No bandages
  • No LE Weapons
  • No scrolls
  • No reagents
  • No mounts.
  • No area spells

Do not forget to loot the Fighters. You will need the sash for the final rounds.

If a player is capable of killing Fighter 2 but unable to kill Fighter 3, they will be placed in a final round of PVP. Players will be divided into teams.

If a player is successful in killing Fighter 3, they will advance to Championship Round. Players will be divided into teams for PVP.

Final Round and Championship Round will take place at Valhalla Beach Pit.

Players that do not follow the rules will be disqualified.