Armor of the Einherjar

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There has been much upheaval in the lands of late and many an old foe has once again been seen. Those that wish to shatter the peace of Valhalla have been sighted lurking in the darkness. While the Einherjar were preparing for Ragnarok, these hidden forces have stolen the very armor which is needed for their great battle and scattered it around the lands. Now it is up to Valhalla's heroes to prove themselves and retrieve the armor pieces in return for a great prize.

Armor Pieces

The armor pieces are scattered across several extremely hard monsters called the Einherjar Bosses. But to get to them, you will have to use your cunning, experience and likely form a party to get them. Many of hidden themselves away and the party will have to fight through a variety of creatures just to get to their lair.

  • Einherjar bosses have a 50% chance to drop an armor piece. All bosses will drop up to two pieces of the armor for that boss.

After you have found all the required pieces, your reward is a set colored with a GM color. Simply put all the pieces into a bag and find Valerie, the AE Artist located near Asgard bank. Find the cloak you want the set colored, make a note of the name and color (some GMs have more than one color), drop the bag on Valerie and answer her question which color you want. The armor will be returned colored and the weapon will have a magic bonus added to it. You may also add in a masterpiece cloak spelled the same as the other armor pieces.

Plate Chainmail Ringmail Leather Bone
Plate breastplate
Plate arms
Plate gorget
Plate helm
Plate legs
Plate gloves
Viking sword
Dragon shield
Chain tunic
Chain legs
Chain gloves
Chain coif
Ring tunic
Ring legs
Ring gloves
Ring arms
Ring coif
Mage Staff
Leather tunic
Leather legs
Leather gloves
Leather arms
Leather gorget
Leather helm
Bone tunic
Bone legs
Bone arms
Bone gloves
Bone helm
Bone skirt (optional)
Bone sandals


The locations of the Einherjar bosses have never been fully revealed - only through word of mouth has the approximate location been discovered. Several attempts to send scouts out to find out more information have failed and the scouts have only left scattered clues before they were never heard from again. Below is the information that has been gathered.

Dark Witch||Gingerbread House||Ringmail, Leather||As you travel the path through Dire Woods, there have been reports of house made from gingerbread and surrounded by all sorts of candy treats. Sadly, there are no other reports what had happened to the scouts when they ventured near the house.
Boss Location Drops Description
Jormungand Volstagg Plate, Leather The great viking city has many secrets and what they keep in their secret underground cavern is another one that should be lost in the ages.
Oberon Frey's Fun Park Plate, Chain, Boots At one time, the park was a nature reserve with many visitors from Aylindril. Those with an inclination to get back to nature camped, studied, relaxed and even started their own cult. Our scout, wondering what exactly was going on, only says that he felt like he was being watched... then we found his report book cut in half and covered in metal shards.
The Warlock Chaos Caves Plate, Leather, Boots Once a prosperous mining cave, it was abandoned when the miners broke through into a secret cavern containing some of the ugliest and strongest sleeping monsters they've ever seen.
Pharaoh's Ghost Pharaoh's Pyramid Ringmail, Leather, Boots A once great empire stood in the middle of Zarkesh's desert ruled by a vengeful Pharaoh who was jealous of his predecessor's fame and wealth. Poisoned in his sleep, the young Pharaoh refused to move onto the next life and haunts his burial chamber.
Elemental Lord Forbidden Mines Ringmail, Chain At one time, a band of dwarves hit the motherlode in these mines. But as time wore on, these dwarves began slipping into a state of madness. Some say it was their dwarven ale they made in the mines themselves while others say it was the oddly glowing ore. Our scout's last report only states that the ore is moving.
Twisted Gold Thiazi Theme Tunnels Plate, Leather Deep in the deserts of Zarkesh is a cave where a fabled dragon sleeps guarding his treasure room. In order to get to this dragon, a foolhardy adventurer must pass through lava, frost and a kobold army.
Lizard Wizard Uller's Ice Palace Plate, Ringmail To create a symbol of his opulence, Uller decided to create his magnificent Ice Palace in the one place where no one would bother him, high above the mountains in the hottest place in the world. But while he was gone, another dastardly fiend moved into the Palace.
Lady of the Lake Lakeside Palace Chain, Leather It is rumored that a beautiful lady lives in the lake. Although there is a lush castle on the lake's shore, there appears to be no permanent resident there. All the scout's last report was about searching some hidden ruins on the other side of the shore.
Nosetree Enchanted Forest Plate, Chain Wandering into this place may make your skin crawl instead of feeling all sparkly for the trees wander around attacking those who dare intrude onto their land, pixies are downright mean and the two druid caretakers do not care for anyone coming to their garden for tea and biscuits.
Jabberwocky Freya's Love Dungeon Plate, Ringmail A place dedicated to love with kitty cats, doves, big teddy bears and an even bigger cuddly dragon... until you find out they only want to squeeze the life out of you.
Garm Asgard Sewers Plate, Ringmail Located deep under Asgard lies a series of chambers carrying the sludge of everyday life away from the city. As you delve deeper, the creatures living down there become meaner and stronger, especially those that have been flushed down the well as unwanted pets.
Hades JR Deceit Chain, Leather A dastardly place filled with evil undead and home to a very large, very hungry and very mean daemon with a huge sword. To keep those around away from him, he keeps a variety of minions close to his side.
Skeleton King King Vol-Kee'Tawn the Vengeful Bone The Skeleton King still resides at his royal palace buried deep within a mountain and his unholy regents await for his commands.
Mudwart the Menace Lower Despise Bone Mudwart likes to play but it's so lonely down there that he often plays with himself!
The Deadite Fire Dungeon Bone No longer of this world, the Deadite waits for flesh to wander into his place hidden at the bottom of the depths of the Fire Dungeon.
Lady Atganga Kastali Dreyrugr Bone The ancient castle's entrance is found in Impalenth but the castle holds many secrets. Lady Atganga will not give up her bone pieces without a fight.