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Armor Sets are special pieces that, when worn all at the same time, unlock their special abilities and skills. When you equip a full armor set, you will receive a special message letting you know the entire set has been completed. All armor sets are restricted to the same rules:

  • Set pieces are not repairable but boost twice the amount of durability.
  • Armor pieces do not go above +8 armor for each piece. The only exception to this is Odin's Golden Armor set which can go to +12 armor.
  • Set pieces can only be colored by a Laminating Kit. The three kits (laminate, staining, leather) can color any piece of the set whether it is cloth, jewelry or armor. Color deeds are bought from Myrrdin, the Magic Dealer, by turning in your unwanted magics.
  • Once equipped, skill bonuses on the armor set pieces will break the +10 skill cap. For example, if you have a +6 cloak of tactics and +8 robe of tactics and you equip an 4 piece armor set that gives +2 tactics to each piece, your total will be 6+8=10 tactics (cannot go above the cap with non-armor set pieces) plus 2x4=8 tactics bonus for a total of +18 tactics.

If the location is not mentioned with the drop rate, it is found on Valhalla, the main realm.

Name Armor of Einherjar
Pieces Various depending on the AE set
Bonus +1 tactics per piece
Found Armor of the Einherjar Quest
Description Your weapon strikes as if it is in perfect condition.
Name Brace of D'Odwyn
Pieces 1
Bonus None
Found New player bonus when leaving the Hall of Heroes into Asgard
Description First deathcry is free.
Name Thief's Gambit
Pieces 5
Bonus +3 stealth per piece
Found Stealing from guards
Description Lowers the hardness of picking treasure chests by 1 level.
Name Elemental Facade
Pieces 5
Bonus +2 archery per piece except +5 hiding for cloak
Found 3-5% chance on Wild Elves (lost realms), 2-4% Amazons (valhalla)
Description Elemental ammo has a chance to do an elemental blast doing 3x your elemental damage bonus to a target.
Name Mastercrafter
Pieces 4
Bonus +4-6 carpentry, +4-6 blacksmithy, +4-6 tinkering, +4-6 masonry
Found Merchant jobs (1% chance per job completed), bulk order deed reward (5% chance)
Description 100% to craft a masterpiece item but 1/3 chance one of the set pieces will be destroyed.
Name Arcana
Pieces 2
Bonus +5 invocation
Found Cult of the Eight (3-4% chance, ilshenar), Frey's forest spirits (3-5% chance)
Description Increased mana regeneration.
Name Scrollcaster
Pieces 3
Bonus +5 meditation (gloves, boots), +5 camping (hat)
Found Lost tribes (4-6% chance, lost realms), Shabooli (3-4% chance)
Description 50% bonus damage using scrolls, stacks with holding a mage spellbook in your hand.
Name Odin's Golden Armor
Pieces 6
Bonus +2 parry per piece
Found Bought with Odin Bucks at Manesteen (Lost Realms)
Description your death causes the armor pieces to take spiritual form and to attack all hostiles around you for 120 seconds. A healer appears after 30 seconds and leaves after 90 seconds.
Name Inspired Leader
Pieces 5
Bonus +3 taming on clothing, +5 leadership on plate
Found Praetorians (3-4% chance), Town Guard bounty (6% chance per finished quest)
Description When you get knocked-out or deathcry, your pets or henchmen are inspired to fight for you. During this time, your followers will heal constantly as they attack all hostiles around them. When KOed, It will take 20 seconds before inspiration sets in. When you deathcry, it will last either 5 minutes or you resurrect.
Name Fighter's Resolve
Pieces 3
Bonus +2 armslore
Found 8% per bag (minimum 20 heads) from the Headhunters Quest, 6% per completed bounty from Bounty Hunters
Description Your fighting spirit allows a second roll if you fail putting on a bandage during combat and if you fail the skill check, 3x the base healing. Set works on henchmen.