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As you journey around Valhalla, you will come across camps, towns, fortifications, dungeons and teleporters that will take you to different realms. filled with various monsters... all of whom will take an instant disliking to you invading their personal space. This is not a conclusive list and places may change at any time.

None of these places have been marked on the map. You must use your cunning, knowledge of the land and interpersonal communications to find out more about them.

Valhalla Lost

The main map where you first begin your journey and level up to become stronger.

Newbie Areas

There are two areas where you can level up your skills. Upon leaving Asgard, travel north along the road until you come to a mountain with a large chute dug into the side. Travel down it and you will face an assortment of horrors that live in the dark. The second location is traveling east from Asgard, passed the Palace and over the bridge. There are a number of spiders, vagabonds and other small animals to kill in the forests. As you move deeper into the forests, the monsters start to get harder.

Blackridge Outpost

The home base for the Shadow Guard, an evil organization that many veterans remember as the Dreadlords. Even though located far away in the mountain regions, the Outpost still blocks those wanting to travel around the mountain. As they get better organized, more towns have fallen to them including Baskerville.

Buccanner's Den

The island of Queville is a safe-haven for pirates. Beware where you step or you may find yourself in a worst situation. With stashed treasure around, you never know what you're going to find.

Chaos Caves

Home of Heimdall's most feared creatures. Only the brave should attempt to even think about wanting to go near the entrance, rumored to be in the mountains on the snowy island of Bursfort.

Crystal Dragons

Long driven out of most places in Valhalla, they have come to accept the cold mountain tops of the elves' lands as their own.

Daemon Temple

Located under the Dwarven Citadel, one can only wonder what the dwarves were up to when they discovered that place and never bothered to seal it again.


If there is one place that has horrible undead creatures lurking in the shadows, it is Deceit.


The Derro live in dark and damp places, like sewers.

Dire Woods

All manner of creatures live in the Dire Woods which covers a large area ranging from Asgard Mines to Rimstone Abbey to Saranth. If you are going to grandma's house, keep to the path or you may have to endure walking trees, orcs, moving plants, viking spies and even the odd skeleton.

Dragon's Den

A nest of fire-breathing creatures living in a cave under Zarkesh's sand, including demon steeds and fire giants. Watch your step lest you wake a sleeping giant or trip over a hidden trap.

Dragon Isle

A small island off the coast between Riverbend and Melnawynd, these dragons have made the place their home and hidden their piles of gold and attempt to hatch their dragonlings here. A long journey to test your skill against these mighty beasts might be a bit faster if you can find the special Dragon Shrine.

Dwarven Citadel

The upper parts of the citadel hosts the dwarves but the lower levels have been overrun by two main races: the ettins which live in the western section and the daemons who have taken over the basement.


These overweight and ugly beasts can be found at a variety of locations but they like places that are typically darker than usual - underground caverns, forest canopies or islands where the only access is by boat.

Fire Dungeon

Mostly filled with fire-breathing creatures, it is also home to the Two Towers where a very strong and very demented druid lives.


Long ago, when Dire Woods took over most of the lands, a long group of adventurers found peace along the coast and turned it into a small fishing village. After building the cathedral, they discovered a small section of the graveyard had caved in and a vast cavern was underneath them with firbolgs, displaced from the forest, had now made their home.

Forbidden Mines

It is rumored that dwarf miners had found the mother-load in a deep mine near Dire Woods but having lived for years of loneliness and hardship have driven them mad. That and having to listen to the voices from the walls emanating from deep within the mines.

Forests of Melnawynd

Mostly home to the proud Amazons but other races have recently tried to take the forest away from them.

Frey's Islands

How long can a person live alone in the forests? Even though they worship nature, these priests had to endure a creature of pure evil living among them and thus warped their minds causing them to attack anyone who comes to invade their forest paradise.

Goblin Encampments

There are plenty of goblins camping the forests around Valhalla so be careful when travelling off the beaten track - there is a good chance you will run into one.

Goblin Fort

Needing a permanent home for their King, the goblins set up a large fort nearly undetected in the forests off of Skoll Beach.

Heimdall's Fun House

Located off a secret passage from Asgard, Heimdall's Fun House has all the fun of a carnival minus most of the rides, queues and food. Located in a series of underground passages, the ride (provided you are mounted and moving on your own accord) takes you through a series of unfortunate events where you must defeat a variety of creatures lurking in the caverns.


Both dungeons are joined together and make up a nasty place for the Driders - humanoids with the lower legs of a spider - to hide out. It nearly worked until some adventurers stumbled across their cave to cool down from the desert's blazing sun.


The cold dungeon located near the town of Bursfort is home to the land's creatures who prefer colder temperatures and includes the snoworc fort and ice fiends' citadel.

Kastali Dreyrugr

Ancient Lord Atganga along with his vampire clan reside in Kastali Dreyrugr. The blood-stained castle is engulfed in darkness. He has vowed revenge on all citizens


Bottom-dwelling creatures who prefer to stay with a powerful master than venture out into the world.

Lair of Count Dracula

Fearing prosecution in his own country, Count Dracula quietly took over a decrepit mansion in Folkvang park. It was quiet and no one suspected he had been living there until one day, the relatives moved in.

Lizardman Citadel

The entrance near newbie island, the Lizardman Citadel is home to a burdgening lizardman population.

Land of Giants

Located at the top of a high mountain range, the giants once had a beautiful land living with the Shadow Elite at the Valley of Giants. But now they have been pushed out and made the mountains their new home.

Ophidian Cave

Near the town of Zarkesh is a sinister-looking cave where the Ophidians hide during the day. These snake-like creatures are quite fearsome with their huge halberds and powerful magic.

Orc Caverns

Just outside the Gates of Asgard are the Orc Caverns where the orcs hold a deadly prize deep within the town.

Orc Fort

There are several orc forts around, typically in areas that are quiet but always close to the beaten path. The largest of these forts can be found near the mountain range beside Riverbend.

Pirate's Underwater Lair

For years, Portsmith has enjoyed a beautiful waterfall near its town. But a recent discovery behind the waterfall has revealed a huge underground town of a mad scientist who had lived there years before. Even though he is no longer around, his experiments are...


These Elite Guards have been pushed back in recent times. Once occupying a large area near Skoll Beach, they have recently lost much of their land and are now split among two encampments: the mountains of Zarkesh's desert and a castle along Bogmoor's path.


Scattered around the many forests behind Skoll Beach, these pint-sized warriors typically just wait until it's night time so they can sleep.


An underground city created by the Gnomes and was invaded by a horrible gang of outlaws called the Utlagrs. The Gnomes are being held as prisoners. If you are able to free the Gnomes, Lord Olav will reward you.


The Shabooli, once a proud and strong race of warriors, have been all but reduced in their ranks to nearly nothing. They continue to hide around the swamps hoping for a quick attack-and-run strategy.

Skeleton King's Lair

Hidden in the mountains is a large fortress where the Skeleton King resides with his unholy minions, waiting for the day that he will unleash his horror onto the world.

Thiazi's Terror Tunnels

Leaving his mark on the world, Thiazi decided to create a single being of great power by mixing all the races together. Sadly, it failed and now all these races can be found wandering around the Terror Tunnels, their diabolical entrance located off of Skoll Beach. The Terror Tunnels are scattered with hidden rooms and passageways and is also a mecca for those with lockpicking skills.

Troll Caverns

Located somewhere under Asgard, these Trolls were driven underground by the gods and have pledged one day to return and reclaim their land.

Uller's Dungeon

A cold and frosty place located in the center of a large desert. This place is not for the weak-willed and contains many cold monsters that need your warm body to heat themselves up.

Underwater Tomb

A watery grave is all that is offered here as many a sea-creature dwells within the held-back walls of water.

Valley of Giants

Recent housing developments at the Valley of Giants have caused these magnificent beasts to be pushed out into the surrounding area. Now they can only look through the fence and vent their rage at whoever they can find.


Where would Valhalla be without vikings? Vikings can be found settling in camps around some towns as they try to determine the best way to invade. Such camps can be found at places not well protected, such as Rimstone Abbey. And their spies lurk around many paths for intelligence.


Located beside Frey's Island is the viking settlement of Volstagg. This is the main base of the vikings as they routinely strike out to conquer new lands and return with their prizes.

Lost Realms

Recently, it was discovered that there were visitors long ago on Valhalla. These visitors left behind many special gates, called stargates, that allowed them to travel between realms. The Lost Realms was the first of the stargates to be discovered. The stargate to the Lost Realms from Valhalla is located somewhere in the Zarkesh desert.

The cartographers are currently mapping out Lost Realms and will return when they have a full detailed analysis.


Malas is the PVP realm where the laws of attacking another player do not apply (although the rules of the shard still apply). You are at your own risk when you go to this realm and you can be attacked by another player at any time while you are there.

To get to Malas for the first time, you will have to find the Malas Stargate on Valhalla. This is the only stargate that will allow you access to Malas. After you arrive at Malas, make sure you use your gate crystal to save the address of the stargate so you can access this stargate from any other stargate. It is suggested that once you arrive at Malas, you go find your city. If you are blue-tagged, go north to Luna. If you are red-tagged, go south to Umbra.

There are many quests around Malas ranging from attacking the opposing city to scouting missions to find information about who is attacking what. Even though the quests are designed to be done by blue-tagged or red-tagged players, any player can do the quest. Malas also has the only quests that can reward you with an elemental hammer. You may also find special events where armies are gathering to launch an assault on the opposing city.


The City of Paladins and a safe haven for all that are good. There are two resurrection shrines available and a guild summoning stone outside the city.


The City of Necromancers and the place to go for those that are not so good. Like Luna, there are resurrection shrines available and a guild summoning stone outside the city. Umbra has an advantage over Luna in that there are a couple of dungeons that can only be accessed from Umbra and the special dungeon, Doom, is near Umbra.

Special Areas

There are nine hidden areas around Malas. To access these areas, you will have to find the special switch that will transport you to the area. Beware... the switch is only good for 60 seconds. After that, you are stuck in the area with whatever is also living there.

The Labyrinth is the Minotaur city and can only be accessed through the floating island in the Divide of the Abyss. There are special items in the Labyrinth that you can not find anywhere else. It is also extremely dangerous as the minotaurs do not like anyone visiting their city.

For those that are interested in a friendly game of dodgeball, the stadium is located just outside of Luna.

For those that want to settle their difference, the Arena is a great place to hold PvP events. It is located in the Corrupt Forest near Umbra.

Guild Towers

6 guild towers are scattered around Malas. Find them and claim them for your guild. When you start claiming a tower, a warning will be given to all those currently in Malas that the tower is under attack. You will have to wait 2 minutes and stay within vicinity of the tower to claim it. Once all 6 towers are under your control, you may use it again and get a special buff only available for your guild.


Doom is a scripted dungeon.


Tokuno is a mystical realm, filled with monsters that are considered foreign to Valhalla. It is a great test of a warrior's skill to travel to this land and test their prowess against such worthy adversaries.

To get the Tokuno, there is a special quest located in the Asgard's western section. Look around the mages quarter to find a cartographer who may have found an interesting Stargate and wants to write about it. After completing the quest, he will give a clue to where he found this Stargate.


The only major city on Tokuno. You can find all the necessities here as well as many quests givers around the city and near the mountains.


Tokuno is comprised of three separate islands. You can travel to each island by boat or the special moongate located in Zento. This moongate, once you enter it, takes you to the first island, the second island then back to Zento again.

There are healers located all over the map. There are no shrines here. The difference between a healer and a shrine is a shrine will not let you resurrect from a knock out.


All new monsters not found anywhere else live in Tokuno. Most are considered to be medium difficulty. There are often one or two hard monsters located in the area, surrounded by the easier monsters.


There are three dungeons on Tokuno. You can not cast summon or gate while in these dungeons. Each dungeon has special items and prizes.

  • Fan Dancer Dojo

Located on the east island, consisting of 3 levels with higher level treasure chests.

  • The Citadel

Located on the east island. You will have to find a small fishing village to transport you or complete the quest there to find out where the transporter is located. The Citadel is broken into 3 separate paths which you will have to find the hidden teleporters to get to the end room.

  • Yomotsu Mines

Located on the west island.