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Title: Druid
Trained By: Beekeeper, Butcher, Cobbler, Decorator, Farmer, Fisherman, Leatherworker, Ranger, Shipwright

Becoming a druid can be a long and hard journey but well worth it in the end. Known as Valhalla's battle mages, they have a good selection of offensive spells as well as their own druid runebag. To become a druid, you will have to gather reagents to make a druid staff as well as a runebag.

Druid Staff

Druid staves are powerful tools. They can be either found as loot, usually by killing a powerful druid, or they can be made at the Druid Grove. There are two Druid Groves - one located on the path to Rimstone Abbey and the other near Valles. To make the staff you will need to have 5 Reaper Heartwoods in your main backpack. Double-click the table and select Make Druid Staff.

When holding the druid staff in your hands, you merely have to speak the power words of a spell and it will be cast. It is highly recommended by many who are druids to be able to speak the words at a moments notice.

One hidden function of the druid staff is indeed a powerful one at that. Druids are the only ones able to cure the blights that infect the land. Whenever you see these horrendous grey abominations against nature with infected animals roaming around it, just raise your staff and speak the healing words: nigh tir. If you are strong enough, the blight will be cured and the land restored.

Rune Bags

Rune bags are the spellbooks for the druid. The rune bag can be made in the druid grove. To make the bag you will need to have 20 Serpent Hides (white hides) in your main backpack. Double-click the table and select Make Runebag.

All your runes to be useable must be placed in the rune bag for you to be able to cast the spell. To add runes to the runebag, double-click the rune and then target the rune bag. If you use the shortcut of saying the words while holding your Druid Staff the runebag will need to be located in your main backpack.

Rune bags are not newbified. If you die, you will have to retrieve it from your corpse.


Making the druid runes requires your druid knowledge and spell reagents. All runes will require either a reaper or ent heartwood and often a raw reagent or two. To make the rune, you need to use Animal Lore on the heartwood. You will then be prompted to select which spell you wish to make if you have the required components in the top of your backpack.

Spell Skill Req'd Required Reagents
Grasping Roots 60 1 Ent Heartwood, 10 Brimstone, 5 Nightshade
Stinging Swarm 60 1 Reaper Heartwood, 5 Bee's Wax, 5 Spider Silk
Wolf Pack 80 1 Ent Heartwood, 5 Raw Ribs, 5 Spider Silk, 5 Bloodmoss
Tree Form 80 5 Ent Heartwood
Tidal Wave 80 1 Reaper Heartwood, 10 Black Pearl, 1 Raw Mandrake
Tranquility 80 1 Ent Heartwood, Raw Ginsing, 10 Feathers
Sylvan Guardian 100 5 Reaper Heartwood, 10 Deadwood, 5 Executioner's Caps
Cloak of Protection 90 1 Ent Heartwood, 1 Raw Garlic, 10 Serpent Scales, 10 Serpent Hides
Nature's Blessing 90 1 Ent Heartwood, 1 Diamond, 1 Raw Ginseng
Nature's Curse 90 1 Reaper Heartwood, 1 Diamond, 1 Raw Nightshade
Summoning 80 1 Ent Heartwood, 3 Rubies, 1 Raw Mandrake
Fire Snakes 80 1 Reaper Heartwood, 20 Serpent Scales, 1 Flame Potion
Snow Storm 90 1 Ent Heartwood, 1 Sapphire, 1 Daemon Bone, 1 Raw Mandrake


You can cast a druid spell from two ways: open the runebag and click on the blue gem beside the spell name or create a macro to say the name of the spell while holding your druid staff.

Spell Power Words Skill Req'd Mana Used Reagents Effect
Grasping Roots Tiolp Luibh 54 11 2 Brimstone, 1 Nightshade This spell summons the roots of surrounding trees to attack the target. Useful for drawing the heat off of you to meditate, buff or heal.
Stinging Swarm Sgob Sgaoth 77 20 Bee's Wax, 1 Spider's Silk A swarm of bees will attack the target. The swarm will move with the target. Anyone on top of the bees will also get stung (meaning, you can hit another player earning you a criminal flag). Bug spray (made by the alchemist) will kill the bees.
Wolf Pack Filliu Prasgan 66 14 1 Raw Rib, 1 Spider Silk, 1 Blood Moss Calls forth a number of spirit wolves based on your animal lore skill. The wolves will act like any normal tamed animal responding to the same commands. Can only be cast once every 3 minutes.
Tree Form Craobh Cuma 43 9 1 Deadwood, 1 Blood Moss, 1 Nightshade The castor takes the form of a tree which will make you impervious to any attack. Any movement or spell casting will negate the spell. While as a tree, you act as a tree and your regeneration is above-average.
Tidal Wave Sdhbhal Roiseal 88 20 2 Blackpearl, 1 Mandrake Root A column of water will pour down from the sky upon the target causing a steady stream of damage.
Tranquility Siochaint 77 20 1 Garlic, 1 Ginsing, 3 Feathers Similar to the bard's peacemaking, this spell makes birds magically appear and all hostiles will stop attacking until they are attacked again.
Sylvan Guardian Coileach Crogan 100 40 3 Deadwood, 1 Executioners Cap, 1 Spider Silk Summon treants (Ent-like creature), the number depending on your anima lore skill, that will aid you. Can only be cast once every 15 seconds.
Cloak of Protection Cleoca An Dion 88 40 10 Cloth, 3 Serpent Scales, 5 Garlic Creates a Cloak which you put on and protects you from poison. The cloak will last either a certain time or a certain amount of poison hits.
Nature's Blessing Ionnsaich Sabaid Ealadh 88 50 1 Fertile Dirt, 1 Amber, 2 Mandrake Root Increases combat skills, the amount depending on your animal lore skill.
Nature's Curse Jarrood Sabaid Ealadh 88 20 1 Fertile Dirt, 1 Amber, 2 Nightshade Decreases the target creature's combat skills.
Summoning Shiva Sov 88 40 1 Ruby, 3 Serpent Scales, 5 Mandrake Root First this spell opens a list of the characters who are online. Once a character is selected, a green one-way portal is opened between the caster and the requested player. You can only summon those on the same realm as you.
Fire Snakes Dreallsach Nathair 88 9 1 Volcanic Ash, 2 Serpent Scales, 1 Executioner's Cap Summons 1-3 small red snakes that will slither to the target or caster then explode upon reaching them.
Snow Storm Ceau Sniaghtee 88 40 1 Sapphire, 2 Black Pearls, 1 Mandrake Root Covering a large area, any creature caught in the snow storm will take cold damage until they move outside of its range.