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Located in Asgard in an abandoned storehouse, the Adventurer's Guild is a way to generate a quick adventure, get some street cred and end up with some unique prizes you cannot get anywhere else. To join the guild, simply say join to the guild master. You need to pay 1000 gold plus 100 gold for each additional week that you stay in the guild. To pay your weekly membership fees you simply say pay to the guild master.

To receive a quest from the guild, say quest to the guild master. When you ask for a quest, the guild master will show you a list of quests that are currently available. As people do quests, they'll be replaced with new ones. You can turn down a quest with no penalty. If you accept a quest and fail to complete it, you will lose some guild standing. After completing your quest, you will receive tickets from the guild master, kept by the guild master until you purchase an item from the adventurer guild's store.

If you request a new quest while you're still assigned to another one, the guild master will remind you of your old quest and let you give up on it, if you desire. If you do give up, you'll lose guild standing points.


All commands require the guild master's or shop keeper's name in the sentence.

Join: Joins the Adventurer's Guild at a cost of 1000gp and 100gp per week after that.

Resign: Quits the Adventurer's Guild.

Transfer: You can transfer guild tickets to another player. They must be in the Adventurer's Guild to accept the tickets.

Buy: Browses the current inventory available for purchase.

Quest: If said to the guild master they will offer you a list of heads to collect or a lost item to find. If said to any town merchant, they will give you a package to deliver to another merchant.


There are a few different types of quests you can perform for tickets. To look at the quest you accepted, type in .agquest.


This quest will require you to kill a certain amount of a specific monster and return to the guild master with proof of its demise.

To complete a quest, kill the requested monster type, cut off its head, and return the head to the guild master (just drop the head on the guild master). You don't have to turn in the heads all at once. Each head you turn in will earn you a portion of the total points. Turning in the last head is generally worth a good proportion of the total points for the quest (a bonus for completion, really). The guild master does not accept preserved heads to complete a quest. The amount of the bonus is determined by a combination of the difficulty of what you were sent to kill, how many you had to kill and how long you had to kill them. If you say status to the guild master, he will remind you of the quest that you are on and how long you have left to complete it.

Lost Item

While out for a stroll one day, your client has lost an item and now it is up to you to retrieve it.

You can be set out to look for a specific item in a dungeon (for example, Bob's book at the bottom of Shame). Find and return the item in order to complete the quest. The guild master will tell you what he wants killed, how long you have and how many tickets he will give you for that quest. Note: when you accept this quest, the item is placed on a monster at the designated location. If you are unable to find the monster, someone else may have found the item already.

Delivery Service

It's surprising just how many packages are sitting around various npc vendors waiting to be delivered. Go up to an npc vendor (this will not work on player vendors) and say quest. They will request your services to deliver a package to another npc vendor and in what town they are currently living. Take the box to them for some tickets in return.

Treasures Accepted

There are many decorative items found in treasure chests, stolen items and even fished-up item that are of interest to the guild master. The number of tickets you will receive depends on the rarity of the item. Below is a simple list of what he will accept. To see if he will accept an item, just drop it on him.

Item Points
Coral 3
Fished item items, shells 4
Event Prizes 5
Shield (from Events) 5
Treasure Chest Deco 5 - 150
Lost Idol 7
Relic 7
Sword Display 7
Furniture Dye Tub 25
Rug and Piano Deed 50
Rare Painting 150
Fountain/Fishtank 500


It's been a hard day's work venturing out and exploring on behalf of the Adventurer's Guild... so what's your reward? There are two rewards: a new title for your paperdoll based on how many tickets you've accumulated in total and prizes you can spend your tickets on.

As you earn standing points with the guild, you will be promoted to higher levels (note: the title does not fit properly within the paperdoll space provided). You can lose guild standing points if you accept a quest and then fail to complete it. The table below will show the levels and titles available.

Guild Points Guild Title
0 - 500 Pathfinder
501 - 1000 Senior Pathfinder
1001 - 2000 Master Pathfinder
2001 - 4500 Trailblazer
4501 - 8000 Senior Trailblazer
8001 - 11000 Master Trailblazer
11001 - 15000 Guide
15001 - 20000 Senior Guide
20001 - 25000 Master Guide
25001 - 30000 Pioneer
30001 - 35000 Senior Pioneer
35001 - 40000 Master Pioneer
40001 - 45000 Explorer
45001 - 50000 Senior Explorer
50001 or more Master Explorer


You can spend your tickets at the guild shop. Say buy to the guild shopkeeper and you'll be presented with a list of the unusual/unique items he has for sale. If you say status to the shopkeeper, he will tell you how many tickets you have.

Item Tickets Required
Bag of Treasure Maps 100
Experience Ticket 250
AG Lottery Ticket 300
Assorted GM Tickets/Tokens 350
Stone Color Kit 375
Life Crystal 400
Mask Claim Deed 500
Dragon Trophy 500
Fan 500
Aquarium Deed 750
Low Table 750
Low Table 750
Stone Throne 750
Item Repair Kit 1000
Serpent Crest 1000
Stone Table Deed (single) 1500
Stone Table Deed (benches) 1500
Chest 2000
Foot Locker 2000
Cabinet 2000
Glowing Red Beetle 2500
Ornate Chest 3000
Display Case Deed 5000
Wind Chime 5000
Fountain Deed 15000
Marble Wall Carving 3250
Cave Wall Carving 3250
Bird Cage 4500
Fire Pit 8500
Brazier on a Column 6000
Cannon 4000
Piece of Carpet 750
Large Bonsai Tree 1750
Topiary Llama 2750
Dressing Screen 2500
Rare 3-Piece Painting 1750
Mongbat Statue 5750
Fountain 9000
Stuffed Boar Head 1000
Bamboo Stalks 2000
Fancy Brazier 7500
Animated Bird 15000