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Weapon Bonuses

Weapon have the following suffix bonuses:

  • +1: quality, quality
  • +2: might, exceptional
  • +3: maiming
  • +4: power
  • +5: destruction
  • +6: godly quality
  • +7: godly might
  • +8: godly maiming
  • +9: godly power
  • +10: godly destruction

and the follow prefix bonuses:

  • +2: fine
  • +4: durable
  • +6: rugged
  • +8: tempered
  • +10: indestructible

Prefix bonuses relate to two things: item durability and magic bonus. The weapon with a higher durability prefix will last longer in combat. For example, an indestructible weapon will last longer than a tempered weapon. If the weapon has a skill bonus on it, the prefix refers to how much of the bonus you get. For example, a rugged mace of macefighting gives a +6 bonus to macefighting.

  • Note: an indestructible weapon does not mean it is indestructible. It is just a description.

Crafted Weapons

Crafted weapons are made by the blacksmith and carpenter. They can only be upgraded to +2 bonus; however, masterpiece weapons can have a random chance of being made up to destruction. Crafted weapons are typically more durable than their magic counterparts and will last longer.


Bows require arrows and crossbows require bolts. All bows/crossbows have selectable ammo: normal (physical damage), electrical, fire and frost ammo. To select the ammo to be used, equip the bow and double-click it.

Two-Handed Weapons

Two-handed weapons have an aggressive and defensive mode. Equip the item and double-click it to select your mode. While in defensive mode, you are able to parry attacks using 50% of your parry skill but you will do 30% reduced damage.

Magic Weapons

Magic weapons can only be found as loot. Before it is useable, it must be identified (by using magery). Magic weapons can have a bonus all the way up to +5.

Magic weapons can also have a damage-bonus prefix and/or suffix. Some extra damage bonus

  • silver: extra damage against undead
  • various race-slayers: extra damage to that race
  • vampiric: gives back a small amount of health
  • lightning-enchanted: periodic lightning damage

The following damage bonuses below are limited charges. Once they run out, they can not be recharged.

  • lightning: periodic lighting damage
  • flametongue: peridic flamestrike damage
  • cursing: reduces the target's stats
  • dispel: removes all summoned creatures