Virtue Points and Titles

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  • Virtue points take the place of fame and karma and award virtue titles that appear before your name.
  • Virtue is mostly earned by killing monsters.
  • Virtue cannot go below 0 but you can lose virtue points.
  • Set your virtue title to positive or negative using .alignment. Depending on your alignment, you will gain virtue or infamy - both are the same and just used for aesthetics.
  • Having a negative virtue title does not automatically make you chaotic evil. You have to set your murder tag to red by visiting Uther, the Honor Guard at Asgard Palace.

Gaining Virtue

  • Killing red monsters and certain hostile monsters (for example, skeletons are grey monsters and will give a tiny amount).
  • Killing high-level bosses give the most virtue.
  • Completing NPC quests, events and the Virtue Quests.
  • Virtue can be lost in certain situations such as killing innocent townspeople.
  • Poison is regarded as natural and will not decrease your virtue when using it.

Virtue Values

Message # of Value Points
a tiny amount of 1
a very small amount of 2
a small amount of 3
some 4
a good amount of 5
a lot of 6
a great amount of 7
a massive amount of more than 7

Virtue Titles

  • Change your title using the dot command .alignment.
  • For no title preceding your name, join the The Warriors of Neutrality honor guild.
Virtue Points Positive Title Negative Title
less than 200 No Title No Title
201 - 400 The Honorable The OutCast
401 - 800 The Commendable The Malicious
801 - 1600 The Fame The Sinister
1601 - 3200 The Great The Wicked
3201 - 6400 The Noble Miss / Master The Wretched Miss / Master
6401 - 12800 The Illustrious Miss / Master The Evil Miss / Master
12801 - 25600 The Noble Lady / Lord The Dark Lady / Lord
25601 or more The Glorious Lady / Lord The Dread Lady / Lord
Unknown Special Title Special Title

Virtue Quests

Special bonuses can be gained by completing Virtue Quests.