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Vendors provide a number of services and supplies. The types of vendors varies depending on the town. Larger towns tend to have every vendor available while smaller towns only have a few.

To view a vendor's shopping list, simply be close to them and say <name> buy. If they do not respond, you are not close enough.

Some vendors will respond to <name> help with a list of commands they will accept.


Vendors are the main source of raising your skills. Each vendor specializes from a couple to several different skills. To view which skills they will train, just drop some gold on them. They will tell you which skills and how much you will get from that amount of gold. To cancel, right click on the menu.


A quick and easy way to getting your trade skill up is to perform jobs for npc vendors. Simply go up to one and say <vendorname> job. The vendor may have something for you to do. If you accept the order, you will automatically begin crafting items - the vendor supplies the necessary resources, you don't need any - and places them in a grey bag.

While crafting the order, you must stay within a few tiles of the vendor and not move around. If you move around, you will momentarily stop working.

When you have finished, simply drop the bag onto the vendor for your gold. The vendor will pay you per item [the amount of gold is based on your trade skill divided by 5 and rounded down to the nearest gold piece]. When you are just starting out a new skill, the vendor may not be pleased with the quality of your work and may make rude remarks.

You can earn up to around 2500 gold per day doing work for npc vendors. After that, they will ask you to come back tomorrow. In addition, each npc vendor only has so much work for you. They will tell you that they don't have any work for you right now. Move on and find another vendor who does have work for you, provided you have not reached your daily maximum.

Note: If you have trade skills placed in primary slots, vendors will give you jobs for those skills instead of the trade slot skill. Keep this in mind when setting up your skills.

Package Delivery

Another easy way to make money is delivering packages. Most of those vendors have plenty of goods to deliver but can not make it out of their shop all the time.

To get a package to deliver, just go up to a vendor and say <vendorname> quest. If they have a package, they will ask you if you would be willing to deliver it. If they say they do not have one, come back in about an hour as someone else has already asked.

There are two types of deliveries: within the same town and in another town. Those delivering within the town often pay less but are quick and easy to do. Those that require delivery to another town may take longer but pay much better gold. The recipent of the package will pay once the package is delivered to them. Simply drop it on them for your reward.

Vendors expect the packages to be delivered in good time. If you take too long to deliver, the recipient will take the package but refuse to pay you.

Note: If you are in the Adventurer's Guild and request package delivery, you will gain AG points instead of gold. More information can be found in the Adventurer's Guild section.

Bulk Order Deeds

A variety of merchants give out bulk order deeds if you ask for it in a sentence, such as, Abrahan, do you have a bulk order deed in tinkering? Please check Bulk Order Deeds for more information.