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UOAM for Valhalla Lost

Because we use two custom maps, UOAM does not work properly with Valhalla. There are 5 maps available. Maps 1 and 2 are both Britannia maps thus UOAM uses one map to show both of them. Having two custom maps in these slots makes UOAM only show one map and the other map does not show up. However, there is a way to show all the maps.

If you download our custom UOAM from the Required Files page, you will be able to view ONLY the Valhalla map. This UOAM is an older version of UOAM when there was only the Britannia map supported and thus only shows one map.

If you download a newer version of UOAM that supports all five maps, you will be able to see our Lost Realms, Ilshenar, Malas and Tokuno maps. The last three maps are the default maps used in UO. You may have to rename one of our custom files to see Lost Realms: find a file named mam0.mul and rename it to map0.mul. Remember to back up map0.mul to another folder first.

Calibrating UOAM for Valhalla Lost

If you have not already, you must download the special UOAM for Valhalla Lost at Valhalla's Required Files pages.

Calibrating UO Automap is very simple and will just take a few steps. First, find the tile beside Asgard gardens (to the North of the city through the gates; this is also the default recall location) and stand on it, just like our lovely models below are staring right at it.

Finding the center of the world tile

Now you are ready to calibrate UOAM. If you have not already, download the special one for Valhalla Lost in the downloads section. As you can see below, we are not standing in the middle of the mountain but actually by the gardens. Run UOAM (if for the first time, you may have to build the maps which will be done automatically) and select the UO menu and Calibrate.

calibrate window

You will get a window like this:

calibrate window

Fill in the fields exactly as shown above. This information can also be shown by clicking once on the tile you are standing on. I am in Britannia. Latitude: 9 degrees and 8 minutes, N. Longitude: 14 degrees and 40 minutes, W. Once that is entered, click okay and you should see the following:

asgard as shown on uoam

And now we are standing where we should be - just outside of Asgard gates by the gardens.

Linking To Valhalla Lost's Server

If you are hunting in a party, it is useful to know where everyone else is. Valhalla Lost has its own server that lets others with UOAM connect and see where they are in-game.

This time, select the Link menu and choose Link Controls.

link menu

And the following menu will appear.

link menu

Under Name, put your character name. Under IP, use valhallalost.servegame.com. It is important that this is spelt right - servergame is a common typo. And last, Port: 2000. Once those three things are correct, click Link to Server and you will be connected to Valhalla's server. Anyone else connected to the server will be able to see your name and track your movements.

link menu

Rebuilding UOAM's Map Files

Valhalla sometimes updates its map files whenever map changes have been made: new hunting areas, new dungeons and adding in new houses are a few examples. After you have updated the required files, you will also have to update UOAM to find out where all these new changes have taken place.

To rebuild the files, simply select the Map menu and choose Performance Settings. Then click the Advanced button to show the map files as seen below.

performance settings

Take a note of which files you have checked. You may have all of them checked - they only show a better view of the map at the various zoom levels. Uncheck the ones you have and click Ok. Now open up this menu again and this time, check the ones you had checked before. Click Ok again and it will rebuild those files.