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There are many ways to get around Valhalla and the other Realms. Walking can be slow and riding a horse, even though faster, can still take you through many dangerous zones.

Travel Within Maps


Long ago, an ancient race built a series of teleporters that would take you to various places around the world. Remnants of these teleporters can be found around Valhalla. The most notable are the teleporters north of Asgard that will take you to many of the major cities.

Ship Captains

Traveling by foot on Valhalla can be dangerous, especially for younger players - there are all sorts of dangers lurking behind every bush you pass. It is much safer, faster and nicer to hire a ship captain to ferry you between towns. Most major towns have a ship captain, usually standing near the docks, waiting to take you for a small fee of 100gp to the town of your destination. Just say sail and he will give you a list of towns he will take you. If you already know where you want to go, just say sail <townname>.

Teleport Agents

Do you need to be at a place in a hurry? Try a teleport agent! They are typically found in major cities outside of the Valhalla realm. Just say travel and they will offer you a list of places they can teleport you for just 50gp. All agents are different, offer trips to different places and do the minimal amount of work to make sure you're at your destination in a hurry.

Travel Between Realms

Magic Carpet Merchants

Why sit on your horse in a hard saddle when you could be traveling through the air! Magic Carpet Merchants are around in most major towns, easily identified by rolled up carpets beside them and/or standing on a carpet. Just say travel to the magic carpet merchant and he will offer you a list of places he travels. If you already know the place you want to go, simply say travel <townname>. Magic Carpet vendors charge 100gp for a trip within a realm and 1000gp between realms.


To travel to other realms, you will require a stargate. A stargate is a powerful transporter that links to other realms or within a realm. There are two parts to the stargate: the dial home device (DHD) which is the control panel for the stargate. Before you can use a stargate, you will require a gate crystal. A gate crystal stores all the locations similar to a runebook and is updated when you plug it into the dhd. You can get a gate crystal from doing a special quest located in the cleared forest by the Asgard Mines. Find the archaeologist and say 'quest' to them.

Once you have obtained a gate crystal, you will have to power it. The gate crystal can be powered in two ways: first by chipped rocks that can be found in monsters loot or while harvesting materials. The other way is to buy crushed tokens from Myrrdin, the Magic Dealer. Simply use the gate crystal and select a chipped rock or crushed token to add to it.

Now that you have a gate crystal, you will need to locate a working stargate. Once found, simply use the DHD and select your gate crystal so it can load all locations into it and save that stargate's location onto the gate crystal. Before you can travel to another stargate, you will have to visit it first or find a stargate that has a direct access to another realm. Once you have put your gate crystal onto the DHD, you can travel to that stargate again.

Travel is always one-way. Once you arrive at your location, you can not go back through the same portal. You will have to use the DHD on the other end and open a new portal. And beware when the event horizon opens... it is extremely destructive opening the portal!

  • To travel to a new realm for the first time, you must find that specific stargate that has the hidden address to the realm. After the gate crystal has recorded the address, you can use any stargate to travel to that address.
  • To travel to Malas for the first time, you must complete the quest located near Shadowdale.
  • Use a Map of the Realms to see where stargates are located on the map.