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A large and vibrant city, Aequitas is well-stocked with a number of merchants to meet anyone's needs. Situated near the middle of the continent, this city has been well looked-after over the years and boosts a large population along with numerous houses available for sale.


Declassified as a town. A small outpost located near Shadowdale. At one point, the center of a thriving guild but since that guild was lost to time, all services the town once had went to find better locations and the place is now used for the wealthy as a summer retreat.


The walls around this city keeps it well-protected from the forests beyond its borders outside but is friendly enough to host Valhalla's Museum and the secretive Fey Society as well as an upscale residential area.

Hometown of the Ashbenford.


The magical city of the dragons. Located deep in the forests just a short stroll away from Aequitas and easily accessible by road, this city boasts the biggest and friendliest dragon population.

Hometown of the Draconians.


The home of the elves - a lush island with forests, swamps, trees, mountains and streams. A real paradise if it weren't for the ratmen wandering around the swamps. But within those mountains lurks something deadly that even the elves stay away.

Hometown of the Elves.


Once an impenetrable fortified mountain town with perfectly-built log cabins and a thriving economy pure breeding dogs, the Elite Shadow Guard strategically placed its spies within the walls then quickly took over the town. They quickly corrupted the hounds (although for some reason, it made them fierce yet tame) and erected a temple to the dragons.

Baskerville Heights

A quaint village (also known as Freyaville) located beside Baskerville and home to a cat and dog loving population. Seeing them as no threat, the Shadow Guard have mostly left them alone.

Blackridge Outpost

Home of the Elite Shadow Guard, Blackridge Outpost holds a key position in that any traveller wanting passed the mountain range must travel through the town.


Built on a swampland with the hopes of draining the swamp to create a retirement kingdom, money ran out and Bogmoor ended up being a swamp town invested with viking raids and shabooli wandering around the swamps.

Hometown of the Orcs.


The cold island of Bursfort is home of the great arena. Many arena battles take place among the frost and ice. The island is also home to a tribes of ice orcs who prefer the cold than their tropic-loving cousins.

Cathair Asgard

The fabled home of the gods and the main commerce center of Valhalla. You can find everything here in the commerce district, visit the mage's building or take in the awe of the cathedrals then take a quick ride with the magic carpet dealer.


Due to a massive earthquake, the original Corinth was nearly leveled to the ground, forcing the dwarves out of the mountain to make a new settlement while they were rebuilding. Instead, they decided to just rebuild on the side of the mountain, leaving a group of ratmen to wander into the ruins.

Hometown of the Dwarves.


The hidden secret town of the drow. Only those with the knowledge may even attempt to locate the secret tunnel location that will take them through treacherous caverns to the underground city.

Hometown of the Drow.

Dwarven Citadel

The great Dwarven city is built into the center of a great mountain range with tunnels and sunken holes leading to many mining places. So vast is the city that there are quarters of it unexplored and some other races, such as the ettins, have moved in with nary a peep from the dwarves.


A large island settlement known for its cottages and idyllic nature setting. So peaceful is this town that there are only a few guards patroling the more wealthy areas. Is also home to Beyla's Tap, a place to sit, drink and read poetry, and The Pad where many the lucky adventurer can cash in their fish tickets to get prizes.


The central commerce of Valhalla with its multiple player vendor houses and luxury houses overlooking the park. Also includes the player-run auctioneering house and if you can find the right spot in the park, the Hall of the Gods where you can give thanks or read about each of Valhalla's gods. But one unwelcome resident decided to take over the church in the back of the park.


A huge thriving city/outpost built on the water with no coastlines. At first, it was just an outpost and courtroom, evident in the NW quarter with the large stone building built on the water. As people started bringing their families to Galenfel, the outpost grew into a massive floating city complete with apartments, fishing and a large market.

Hammerfall Gultch

After an earthquake destroyed the dwarven town of Corinth, the dwarves remade their settlement just outside the mountain, creating a fortified town. The old town of Corinth can still be accessed through Hammerfall but not many bother visiting the ruins.


The lower level of the Drow town. You will find a much bigger and cavernous city of the drow with many levels of walkways. There are no merchants located here.

Hometown of the Drow.


The underlair city of the vampires. Beware any of those who seek the enlightened ways because the chaos guards will chase away and kill anyone not red-tagged. For those adventurers that do go there, there are many staircases leading to the unknown.

Hometown of the Vampires.

Jotun Valley

A previous development attempt to take over the Valley of the Giants with fancy tree houses and luxury stone cottages making this a prestige development. But the Giants fought back and reclaimed their Valley, wiping away any remnants that this town ever existed.


A mostly-abandoned town although a number of vendors still prefer to live in the peace and tranquility of the stone walls they helped build.


Surrounded by jungles and Amazons, Melnawynd has always been isolated from the rest of the world but still manages to thrive. Although the Amazons have largely left the town alone, more menacing creatures have tried to move into the jungle including trolls and orcs.


Comprised of two separate towns, the upscale Mordeth contains marble white walls, granite kitchen countertops and a feeling of grand luxury. The downtown Mordeth is mostly cold stone and apartments.


The Dwarven city lies deep within the mountains of Riverbend. This fair city has attracted miners from all over the world for centuries. But darkness lies close by... beware traveler!

Hometown of the Duergar.


Hidden away at the ends of the world is Portsmith, one of the largest and prosperous fishing towns with its large mansions and nightlife. But that was before an archaeologist found a hidden underwater city where evil water creatures live.


West of the icy island of Bursfort lies a pirate-infested city called Buccaneer's Den. On this island, you will also find the entrance of the Underwater Tomb as well as the Pirate's Secret Hideaway.

Rimstone Abbey

By following the northern road of Asgard, you will find Rimstone Abbey where you can find salvation, the shrines to help you resurrect your soul and at the top floor, scholary works for all to read.


By traveling south of Ashbenford, you will find another little mountain town. Originally built by a lovelorn philanthropist, he built his house on the mossy glades and arranged the trees into a giant heart. But his love preferred the big city and thus he moved into one of the smaller houses to pine for her.


The quiet island of Rulendale lies mostly undisturbed and boasts one of the best pubs in all the lands with its gaming room. Those lucky enough will have a balcony overlooking the Valley of Giants - a great spot to giant-watch if you are retired. A recent expansion into the playing fields revealed a sinkhole with deep murmurings coming from the darkness.


A fishing town located to the east of Dire Woods but badly planned and built on a number of caverns... all of which live monsters. Due to this, guards have been hired and routinely patrol the town's streets. In recent years, more of the town has found potholes to other underground caverns.


If thieves and murderers have a safe haven, it is Shadowdale. This town should be avoided at all costs unless you crave great danger (note: Shadowdale is a pvp town).


Once a thriving mining spot with deep mines but now just an abandoned mining town. After the Elite Shadow Guards took over Blackridge Outpost, the miners stopped coming and the mine all but abandoned.


A friendly community of farmers famed for its raw reagant gardens and druid circle. The main city is barricaded with great wooden logs but holds no danger for travelers. Even though Valles is surrounded by a viking encampment and ratmen lurking the forest as well as horrors beyond the mountains, it still prospers.

Hometown of the Fey.


The largest city located on Viking Island is home to the blood-thirsty vikings of Valhalla. Travelers may think the small town surrounded by the mountains is the city of Volstagg but the actual city is fortified under the mountain. Fame and glory is found here... and wealth.

Vaenn Dalr

A hidden valley where the fey reside. The valley is very tranquil with lots of little fey dancing around the many flowers and large toadstools located there.

Hometown of the Fey.


A quiet town located deep underground accessible through Nerak's Cave. Even though it is underground, it boasts luxury like marble walls and indoor lighting.


Southeast of Aequitas lies the eco-pride of Valhalla - a lovely and calm town surrounded by the deep forests, fertile farmland, a beautiful coastline and a large monastery. People come from all over to relax at the monastery and sample some of the fine wines.


In the southern part of the largest desert lies Zarkesh. Built of sandstone, Zarkesh is well-known for being a large trading center due to the number shipping routes and for their Royal Palace with its many hidden secrets. Due to the evil creatures lurking in the desert, Zarkesh is well-protected with its many guards.